Tales from the Tape: Safety Blitz II

In part two of our three-part series breaking down Chicago's use of the safety blitz, we analyze a Chris Conte pressure that nearly resulted in a sack of Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford.

In Part I of our three-part series analyzing the Chicago Bears' use of the safety blitz against the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football, we showed the defense faking a blitz with Chris Conte. The play nearly resulted in a Lions touchdown.

In Part II, let's use All 22 coaches film to break down a Conte blitz out of the same formation.


Major Wright (blue) lines up on the line of scrimmage, with Conte (red) five yards in the secondary. Before the snap, Wright will drop deep with Conte creeping up to the line.

You see Wright 20 yards off the ball now, with Conte up on the line, outside of the left offensive tackle. Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs are also showing blitz. This is the exact same defensive look Chicago showed in Part I, only with Conte on the other side of the formation.

Because the Bears faked a blitz out of this same formation earlier in the game, LT Jeff Backus doesn't think Conte is going to come. So when Conte does blitz, he has a free run at the quarterback. He flushes QB Matthew Stafford out of the pocket and forces him to throw a short pass that falls well short of the first down.

Notice DE Julius Peppers (yellow) who rushed off the snap, yet turned and changed directions once he saw Conte had an open lane. Peppers makes sure Stafford can't hit the running back out of the backfield, before breaking forward to force a pass.

While faking the safety blitz in Part I nearly resulted in a huge play for Detroit, it paid off on this one. The Bears used the same look and actually blitzed the safety, which nearly resulted in a sack, something Conte was upset about after the game.

"I wish I would've gotten a sack," Conte said. "That was unfortunate. You can't let the quarterback get away from me like I did."

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