Bears warn of counterfeit tickets

The Chicago Bears have seen an increase this year in counterfeit tickets being used at Soldier Field, urging fans to double check the source and authenticity of their tickets.

It's a "buyer beware" situation for Chicago Bears fans both at Soldier Field and at away games, according to team spokesman Scott Hagel.

"We've seen a definite uptick in counterfeit tickets appearing at games," Hagel said. "I think we had over 100 incidents last week, including one arrest of a person that they found selling counterfeit tickets. We don't want anyone to take advantage of our fans and we want to get the message out on this to our fan base."

The bottom line, according to Hagel, is to know the source of your tickets. Ticketmaster and the NFL Ticket Exchange are the only verified sources for obtaining game-day tickets.

Hagel also wants to remind fans that although a ticket might appear authentic, that may not always be the case.

"Tickets have been stolen," Hagel said. "They are immediately canceled by us but they can find their way back out on the streets. They may look right, everything might seem OK, but once you get to the stadium and have them scanned, you are not going to be able to get in."

Because ticket re-sellers in other NFL cities know how well the Bears' fan base travels, counterfeit tickets have become a problem for away games as well.

"We've had word from a couple of the upcoming markets we are traveling to, and specifically from Tennessee, that they are seeing a lot of counterfeiting going on there," Hagel said. "They know that Bears fans will be coming in for those games. All we can advise is to beware who you are buying your tickets from."

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