Johnson says Trestman next Bears HC

Jimmy Johnson says that Marc Trestman will be the next head coach of the Bears. Is this a rumor we should take seriously? GM Phil Emery's recent comments can help answer that question.

If you have ever heard him speak, you know that Chicago Bears GM Phil Emery is very thorough. He has a meticulous approach to his position as head of the organization, one that carries over into every aspect of his job.

His recent press conference following the firing of former head coach Lovie Smith lasted 53 minutes, mainly due to Emery's detailed approach to answering every question. When asked about the offensive line last year, he spoke for eight minutes, seemingly without taking a breath.

Which is what makes this morning's report by Jimmy Johnson, FOX TV analysts and former NFL head coach, hard to believe.

Johnson posted on Twitter:

"Looks like 2 of my guys getting NFL jobs..Chud Cleveland and my QB coach at U Trestman to Chicago."

His first reference is to Rob Chudzinski, whom the Browns hired as head coach today. His second reference is to Marc Trestman as the next head coach of the Bears.

Trestman is currently the head coach of the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League. He coached in the NFL from 1985-2004, serving mainly as QB a coach, offensive coordinator or both for eight different organizations.

In 2002, as OC of the Oakland Raiders, Trestman helped guide the team to the Super Bowl and made Rich Gannon, who was nothing more than a mediocre quarterback during his career prior, an MVP.

Based on the pool of candidates Emery is considering, developing quarterbacks is obviously a large criteria. So Trestman's history makes him a solid candidate, but the idea that Emery has already made up his mind completely contradicts what he said during his 53-minute presser.

When asked about the process of hiring a new head coach, Emery said he will conduct first interviews with a large pool of candidates. He will then bring in chairman George McCaskey and president Ted Phillips once he has whittled down that group.

"Initially, I'm going to do the interviews," said Emery. "After the first round, or you if want to call it waves, after we're at the point where we feel we have good quality candidates to select two or three as finalists, we will either have them come to us or go to them so we have an opportunity for them to talk to George or to talk to Ted and that George and Ted can interact with them and get a feel for them. At the end, the final decision will be mine."

Emery is interviewing Texans OC Rick Dennison, Vikings linebackers coach Mike Singletary and special teams coordinator Mike Priefer, and Colts OC Bruce Arians this weekend. Most believe Arians and Dennison to be the frontrunners. Considering Emery's meticulous nature, and the fact two top candidates have yet to receive first interviews, it's almost impossible to believe Emery has already made up his mind – especially for a guy, Trestman, that hasn't coached in the NFL since 2004.

Jimmy Johnson knows a lot of people in the football world but in this case, his report flies in the face of everything we know about Emery. At this point, Tretman may be one of the frontrunners but I would be astonished to find out Emery has come to a final decision.

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