Marc Trestman by the numbers

We break down the numbers from new Bears head coach Marc Trestman's 10 seasons as an NFL offensive coordinator in an attempt to decipher what impact he'll have on Chicago's offense.

In his lengthy career as a football coach, new Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman has spent 10 seasons as an NFL offensive coordinator (OC): Cleveland Browns (1988-1989); San Francisco 49ers (1995-1996); Arizona Cardinals (1998-2000); Oakland Raiders (2001-2003).

To give us a better idea of what to expect from Chicago's offense going forward – specifically, in what areas the unit will improve – let's take a look at the rankings of Trestman's offenses during his 10 seasons as an NFL OC.

1988 Browns
Total offense: 18th
Passing offense: 9th
Rushing offense: 24th

1989 Browns
Total: 16th
Passing: 11th
Rushing: 21st

1995 49ers
Total: 2nd
Passing: 1st
Rushing: 23rd

1996 49ers
Total: 6th
Passing: 7th
Rushing: 10th

1998 Cardinals
Total: 13th
Passing: 8th
Rushing: 21st

1999 Cardinals
Total: 29th
Passing: 27th
Rushing: 29th

2000 Cardinals
Total: 24th
Passing: 17th
Rushing: 27th

2001 Raiders
Total: 7th
Passing: 4th
Rushing: 24th

2002 Raiders
Total: 1st
Passing: 1st
Rushing: 18th

2003 Raiders
Total: 25th
Passing: 27th
Rushing: 16th

Total: 14th
Passing: 11th
Rushing: 21st

As you can see, Trestmans' offenses averaged 14th overall and 11th in passing. Since 2000, the Bears have not ranked 14th overall or 11th in passing, or better, in any single season.

Basically, if Trestman can come in and do an average job with Chicago's offense, the group as a whole, as well as the passing attack, will be better than it has been in 14 seasons.

That, more than anything else, is the reason Trestman was hired as the organization's 14th head coach. To win in today's NFL, you have to be able to pass the ball effectively. Under Trestman, the Bears should be able to accomplish that on a yearly basis.

**Editor's Note: I'll be updating this page all day with fresh numbers on Trestman, as well as those on new offensive coordinator Aaron Komar and special teams coach Joe DeCamillis.**

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