Hatley looks in on Bears

Mark Hatley was a surprise attendee at Soldier Field for the Bears preseason opener against the Bengals.

Hatley took the job with Green Bay just weeks after he and the Bears came to a mutual separation in May.

However, Hatley had a difficult time leaving a team he spent four years trying to build.

"It's been tough," Hatley said. There's a lot of memories, but the bottom line is we didn't win enough games."

During Hatley's stint with the Bears the team went 19-45. There are mixed reviews at best on Hatley's first round draft picks Curtis Enis (retired), Cade McNown (fighting for the backup quarterback role), Brian Urlacher (potential pro bowler) and David Terrell (too early to tell).

However, he drafted starters Tony Parish (second round), Mike Brown (2nd), Olin Kruetz (3rd), Warrick Holdman (4th) and Paul Edinger (6th) with later round picks.

Hatley left the Bears better than when he arrived.

His responsibilities with the Packers are similar to what they were in Chicago. Hatley will oversee all of team's scouting efforts, including the evaluation of both professional and college players. Although, Green Bay head coach Mike Sherman is also the GM, so the final say in any decision goes through him.

"It's not any different than any other job," Hatley said. "You have to get acclimated to everything that's going on and get used to how everybody says things."

Hatley has a lot more to work with in Green Bay then when he came to the Bears in 1997.

"Most of the time when you get these jobseverything is screwed up and that's the reason you get them. In this case Ron (Wolf) decided to retire and he's one of the better personnel, if not the best personnel guy in the league, so a lot of things are in awfully good shape."

A scenario that new Bears GM Jerry Angelo fits into. Hatley brings 14 years of scouting acumen to the job.

'Hopefully through my experience and some of the things I've learned since I've been in the league will help us get some more things done that we need to get done.'

Still, Hatley wasn't sure how he would be received in an organization that was a chief rival.

'Hard going over there. Probably knowing the division and stuff helped, but it's such a rivalry between the Bears and Packers. I didn't know how they were going to react or feel, but they've awfully good to me.'

What was Hatley doing at Soldier Field? What's he always done, looking for players.

"I came down here to see what guys are going to be on the bubble and see if they can help us. What we do at every game. I happen to know a little more about these guys though."

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