Bears Lose Game and Sinceno for the Year

The Bears struggled to run the ball for a second straight week. The team rushed 27 times for 97 yards. Shane Matthews more than doubled his four passing attempts from last week's game against the Bengals going 7-9 for 106 yards with 1 touchdown and 1 interception.

"To be perfectly frank, earlier in the game we weren't featuring the run like we did last week," said head coach Dick Jauron. "We wanted to get Shane more into the game in terms of throwing the ball early."

On the Bears second drive of the game a Matthews' pass ended up in Marty Booker's hands for a 63-yard touchdown. The play was due in part to Matthews reading a Tennessee blitz and getting rid of the ball quickly to Booker.

"We went to five-wides and they came with a blitz," Matthews said. "I actually should have gone to Glyn Milburn. He's our hot receiver. But I thought I could get it off in time. Everybody says Marty made a heck of a catch. I didn't get to see it. I was lying on my back. That's going to happen. If they're going to blitz you you're going to take some shots."

Booker then made a fantastic one handed grab and made a dash for the endzone. "I got open in the seam and beat the guy on the inside, its funny because I didn't really see the ball because it got caught in the lights," Booker said. "I put my hand up to knock it down to myself. After that it was just a run."

Fred Coleman had a block downfield to seal the touchdown for Booker. Momentarily tying the game at seven.

As the Bears were driving toward the end of the first half Kaseem Sinceno caught a Cade McNown pass and turned up field, when he was tackled by the Tennessee cornerback his knee bent back and he turned his ankle, dislocating it.

"We will lose him for the year," Jauron said. "From what I understand I guess he'll (Sinceno) be operated on tomorrow. I guess they will try to put a plate in there. That was bad news at a position where we couldn't afford to lose anybody. We were really counting on him. He's a good young guy who was working awfully hard."

McNown thought the play by the Titan DB wasn't clean. "It was similar to when (former tight end) John Allred got hurt last year," said McNown. "When a guy falls off, they (defensive backs) tend to go lower on these bigger guys. To me it's a cheap shot when you go underneath like that, when you come at the guy's knees."

Vitaly Pisetsky missed a 49-yard field goal wide right that would have given the Bears a 13-10 lead. Instead, the Titans drove down the field and Joe Nedney booted a 52-yard field goal giving Tennessee a 13-10 halftime lead, which they never relinquished.

The Titans continued to their momentum into the second half. The team scored on their first possession on a 29-yard pass from Billy Volek to Chris Coleman putting Tennessee up 20-10.

After Paul Edinger missed a 41-yard field goal attempt the Titans added a Dan Alexander rushing TD in the fourth quarter giving the team a commanding 27-10 lead.

The Bears looked like they were ready to call it a night when Danny Wuerffel led a 59-yard scoring drive, which was capped by an 11 yard touchdown pass to rookie David Terrell.

"We got the catch by David (Terrell), which is good to see," Jauron said. "I thought he could have made another that he let get through. But that's what we want from him. That's what we're looking for."

Wuerffel was impressive going 4-5 on the three-minute plus drive for 50 yards. Overall he went 10-13 for 81 yards and a touchdown. He is making a serious campaign to become the Bears third quarterback. Putting Jauron in a difficult spot of having to cut his most productive quarterback thus far.

The lead was 27-17 when the Titans attempted to punt the ball, but Floyd Young deflected Craig Hentrich's punt. R.W. McQuarters caught the ball at the Bears 42 drifted back and then burst threw an opening made by a Conrad Emmerich block. McQuarters flew down the sideline cut back around the twenty and ran in for the 58-yard punt return.

However, 27-24 was as close as the Bears would get. With under a minute to go Wuerffel was sacked from behind by J. Thomas and fumbled the ball. The Titans recovered and won the game.

"We ended up with a chance to win it in the last minute of the game," Jauron said. "R.W. (McQuarters) makes a great return. They (Tennessee) were a good test for us. They really have an outstanding football club."

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