Cutler Wraps Up Camp

Check out what Bears quarterback Jay Cutler had to say after wrapping up the last day in Bourbonnais, Ill. for training camp.

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler met with the media Tuesday as the team wrapped up their off-site training camp in Bourbonnais, Ill.

There were plenty of questions about the new-look Bears offense, which Cutler was happy to answer.

"Every day I think we are just trying to get plays in and trying to draw up plays and see what they look like," Cutler said. "We are not really worried about what the defense that we are going against and trying to pair up a certain play with the defense."

He added, "So there are some plays out there we are running that normally you wouldn't want to run against that defense or that front."

Overall, Cutler displayed a positive vibe about training camp thus far.

"There are ups and downs, some plays look good some plays not so good. Just dealing with those and coming back and bouncing back," Cutler said.

Including just how far along the team has come with head coach Marc Trestman's offense.

"We are moving along, I don't think I can pinpoint exactly where we are at, but we are getting better every day. There are ups and down's, there are positives and negatives," Cutler said. "And we are trying to look at the negatives and fix them as quickly as possible and continue to find more and more positives."

Something else that Cutler touched on, was just how comfortable he is with the two rookie offensive lineman to his right side.

"I have played with rookies before, Ryan Clady was a rookie my third year in Denver, he did a great job," Cutler said. "The two rookies we have right now I think they are pretty far along, they are talented guys physically, we get them caught up mentally. But they want to be in there they want to do a good job. That is the most important thing, having a guy that want's to do it."

And of course, one of Cutler's top receiver targets, Alshon Jeffery.

"He is becoming a true pro, from the start of practice to the end of practice there is no lull in his performance. He is coming out here and he is doing a great job, he is doing everything we ask of him," Cutler said. "He is blocking on the run plays and he is catching balls when we need to catch balls, making tough catches one on one. You have to be excited to see a young guy like that."

Video removed due to NFL regulations.

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