Bears restructure Peppers' contract

The Chicago Bears have reworked Julius Peppers' contract, dropping his 2013 salary down to $9.9 million, which will save the club nearly $1.8 million in cap space this year.

The Chicago Bears have again restructured the contract of Pro Bowl defensive end Julius Peppers. The new deal will reduce Peppers' base salary in 2013 from $12.9 million to $9.9 million, converting that $3 million into a signing bonus. The move drops his cap number to $14.487 million this year, saving the team $2 million in cap space.

This is the second time the Bears have restructured Peppers' deal. The first came before the 2011 season, which saved the club $8 million that year.

Peppers has two more years remaining on his contract. The restructuring saves the club money this year but it raises Peppers' cap hit the next two seasons. In 2014 he will cost $18.1 million against the camp and in 2013 he'll cost more than $20 million against the cap.

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