Bears-Lions Post-Game Quotes

Chicago Bears players and coaches react to the club's first loss of the season, a 40-32 road defeat the drops the club into second place in the NFC North.


Opening statement: "I want to start off by saying congratulations to the Detroit Lions, they played a very, very good football game today. They won all three phases and they deserved to win the game. At halftime we got together and talked to our team about there will be a time just like this, where the game appeared to be out of hand and we decided that we were going to collect ourselves and play the next thirty minutes and see more about ourselves. I think we did, there are no moral victories but I thought our guys played tough for the last thirty minutes. I know the staff appreciated that. We win and lose as a team, all that starts with me, we will go back to work tomorrow. We won't change the way we do business, we will go back to work and get the things done we think we need to do to get better as a football team. You can't have four turnovers, it gave our defense a short field, and expect to be able to stop people. We didn't do a good job on first and second down stopping the Lions but we did a good job on third down but it wasn't it enough. Special situations on offense, we weren't productive at all on third down and we weren't as productive as we needed to be in the red zone. A combination of turnovers and a combination of not being able to convert in the red zone or on third down offensively, it gave our defense a short field and their return obviously gave us a short field as well. It's a team loss, we have to move forward, we have to do that and start tomorrow and get back to work and getting on to the next game."

On the decisions QB Jay Cutler made: "I don't think they were about decisions. I think the first throw was right where it was meant to be and I thought the safety made a very good play. The second throw was an under throw, he just didn't get his feet set. He had one-on-one coverage outside and under threw Alshon (Jeffery). The third one to my recollection was that he scrambled to his right and threw the ball down the middle and again just didn't set his feet and the ball went high. We had a wide open player down the middle, we had a one-on-one contested throw situation on the sidelines and we lost the ball when he held it a little bit too long on the blind side pursuit. I thought he threw the ball well today if we take those three plays out of the game. I thought he was extremely accurate, he had some dropped balls in the game, we normally don't drop any balls, I think we dropped two or three. In his defense, if he puts that ball to Alshon he has a chance down our sideline. 26 (Louis Delmas) made a heck of a play. He shouldn't have been in the picture and it was well-located on his right hip of Alshon. We can't turn the ball over, we know that but it wasn't about decision making. I think it was more about the fundamentals of finishing the two throws which were both high."

On his message to Cutler after a game like this: "I thought he played tough and courageously through the game. The game got out of hand because of the turnovers, we had throw it more than we like, we got the ball to Matt (Forte) but weren't able to run the football and balance the game out and take that pass rush off of him. I thought the line overall played well. It's a very difficult team to stop, there were two sacks but overall I thought they did a very good job under some real stressful conditions. The big thing was third down. I think we were o-for on third down and that starts with me. We have to do a better job there to put Jay in a position. We have done well on third down in the last few weeks. We did horribly today and again that starts with me. I have to do a better job."

On if he has a better idea of the team after a game like this: "I watched the demeanor of our football team on the sideline in the last thirty minutes of the game and I thought it was excellent. Guys were fighting, guys were in it, they were focused, there was a sense of urgency there. There wasn't any that were looking around for somebody to talk to, they were in it. I think that's a good sign. As we said coming out (of the half) we are going to find out more about ourselves and we did today. I think that backbone is going to help us. We are going to be in other games like this and that kind of backbone is going to help us down the road."


On how tough it is for the team when they need three scores in three minutes: "It's tough. I thought the defense did a good job. They held them to field goals and I have to give us a better chance to win, I mean three picks, it's hard to come back from that. Have to play better, I felt good about my decision-making, I just missed the throws. They made a great play on the first one and then I under threw B (Brandon Marshall) and over threw Alshon (Jeffery). They are throws I'm accustomed to making, I just have to make them. I thought the offensive line battled all day long and did a great job, especially in the passing situations we were in. We got slowed down due to my turnovers and we just have to do a better job."

On what he attributes to the missed throws: "I don't know, I have to go back and look at it. I was falling back on the one to B (Brandon Marshall), I felt good about the one to Alshon it just sailed on me. I'll have to look at it and be careful with the ball, both of them were open."

On the fumble: "Yeah I was just waiting. They played zone coverage and just dropped them out of there and didn't like the first look and B (Brandon Marshall) was trying to work back out. Three step drop for those guys up front, they think the ball is going to be gone quickly, got away with it a few times with me moving back there and they held up but that's on me."

On if the Lions changed defensive looks: "It's nothing we haven't seen before. I thought the play calling was good, we were attacking them. It's just when you give up those kinds of turnovers, it's hard on the defense. I thought the offensive line handled the change of fronts that we saw, they didn't blitz as much today, we saw a lot of zone coverage behind. A few man plays that we were able to take advantage of. We missed some stuff in the first half but three picks and a fumble, it's hard to come back from those mistakes."


On the most disappointing thing about the loss: "I'm more disappointed that it's a divisional opponent that we lost to. We faced some adversity. We have to get the next one when we face them. That's what's most disappointing thing about it is that the Lions are a divisional opponent. You don't want to lose those games."

On the third-down difficulties: "There wasn't really a difficulty. Either we didn't execute on the play or we didn't give Jay (Cutler) enough time to throw the ball. We shot ourselves in the foot. Give credit to them for giving a great rush in the front, but we didn't do our part."

On the disappointment with not being able to protect the ball: "Very disappointing. That is what we talked about every week. We have to protect the ball as an offense and then the defense takes it away. When you don't win that battle out there, you usually don't win a ring."

On Lions RB Reggie Bush: "He did a great job. He ran the ball well, caught the ball in the backfield. He obviously had it planned going through the game. We didn't really stop his run."

On what he saw on his long touchdown run: "I saw a huge hole. I'm thankful for our receivers out there working hard for me when I caught the ball. That was a great play call by the way. I caught the ball out of the backfield and the defensive ends squeezed down so I had an alley to run through. Actually Alshon (Jeffery) blocked his guy in to the safety and Brandon (Marshall) sealed his guy on the outside so it was just a big hole. I credit that to Alshon. Some guys did a big play like that, then they come out of the game. He stayed with him and he works hard like that at practice every day too. The credit on that touchdown really goes to him and everybody who was looking in front of me."

WR Alshon Jeffery

On if he feels like he was able to make big plays: "I made some good plays, but at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. All I'm concerned about is the ‘W.' I'm not worrying about what I did. It's a team sport."

On if he or Lions S Louis Delmas recovered the football on the interception: "He broke on the play, he made a great play. I'm going to give credit to him, it was a great play by him."

On if the football touched his hands before it was intercepted by Delmas: "It was a bang-bang play. It hit my hands and then he just came…it was a bang-bang play."

On what the Bears will do differently when they play the Lions again: "We're not going to talk about that. Right now, I'm just focused on the Saints. That's who we're playing next."

CB Charles Tillman

On what broke down defensively that allowed Lions RB Reggie Bush to have a big game: "I think we just missed a lot of tackles. And he did a good job of making his moves. You have to give credit where credit is due. He's a good back."

On if he is concerned with the Bears' defense giving up a lot of points: "I don't know if I'd use the word ‘concerned.' I think if you can generate takeaways, that's the equalizer. You can give up as many points as you want, as long as you continue to take the ball away. Statistically, being plus one 70%, plus two 80(%), plus three, 95, 100%. I still think that's the key."

On the Lions' momentum in the second quarter: "They were just making plays and they played good today. They outplayed us, so they deserved the victory."

On the Lions' offense looking different with Bush: "I think it's the same offense, he just had a hell of a day at the office. I tip my hat to him. He did a good job of running the ball. Good day for him."

S Major Wright

On what was difficult in today's game: "Tackling. Defense, we definitely need to go out and make our tackles. With a good back like Reggie Bush you can't let him get in the open field and having the field like he did."

On what he expected from the Lions: "We expected their best shot. They came out and started fast. We have to start fast with them. Match our momentum with theirs and we definitely didn't do that. Go back and get better."

On if the addition of RB Reggie Bush makes the Lions different from last season: "It's the same team, but he adds more. He adds more to the offense and the mismatch with a couple of guys. He definitely has a lot to offer to that offense."

On if noise level from the fans played any part in their loss: "No. Fans didn't play any part. It's just all us. On defense we have to tackle and get off the field."

On if anyone can contain Bush: "He definitely can get to the back and get some second level. It's just tackling him. If we don't tackle we got trouble, especially with a back like that. Today he came out and had a good game because we didn't tackle him."

On if Bush's confidence makes him a better running back: "Reggie Bush is special. He has speed. He can shake you. He can do everything."

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