Bennett happy to be on Bear Report cover

Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett responds to being placed on the most recent issue of Bear Report magazine, under the headline "The Most Interesting Man in Chicago."

During this year's Chicago Bears offseason programs, it quickly became clear that Martellus Bennett is a character unlike any other. Not only is he a tight end that can play all three downs, a rarity at a position that becomes more specialized each season, but he's also offers the best quotes since Mike Ditka.

Case in point, when asked this week about the difference between Jay Cutler and Josh McCown, Bennett said, "It's just like eating Cheerios and having Corn Flakes. They're pretty much the same. They both get the job done. You've got to add sugar to both, though, which we are the sugar and the flavor of the offense.

"Cheerios need more sugar. Although, Cheerios are supposed to be good for the heart, once you add sugar, it's not that good for the heart. So as long as they don't get soggy, we're good."

And it's not an act, as these types of offbeat comparisons are the norm for a player who has referred to himself as Martysaurus Rex – he still believes dinosaurs exits – and The Black Unicorn.

"I'm probably the most interesting person on the team," Bennett said during training camp. "Me and my wife are probably two of the coolest people in the world. It's like Jay-Z and Beyonce, then it's me and my wife, and then it's David Beckham and Victoria."

After talking with Bennett for the past six months, it's hard to disagree with him. Which is why he was placed on the cover of the most recent issue of Bear Report Magazine under the headline "The Most Interesting Man in Chicago."

When asked about his place on the cover, Bennett was all smiles.

"I didn't say it. They said it," Bennett said, "which means I'm allowed to say it now and it doesn't come off as conceited because I'm just repeating what someone else said so if you repeat someone else's compliment, it's not being conceited. It's just informing everyone else what someone said about you, which is what we all want to do in this world. If someone says something great about you, you want to go home and tell your wife. You want to tell your friends. So I just go around and tell everybody that the magazine says I'm the most interesting person in Chicago. It's pretty awesome."

Has he told his wife about it?

"I didn't tell her yet. I just saw it, so I'll take a picture and send it to her. And she's just going to be like, ‘I know.'"

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