Bears Week 12 Post-Game Quotes

Chicago Bears players and coaches react to today's 42-21 loss to the St. Louis Rams. We also offer head referee Jerome Boger's post-game comments on two critical penalties.


(On the Game)
"Congratulations to Jeff (Fisher) and the Rams, they played a heck of a game today. They got off to a fast start and we didn't. Just a little bit of what I told them in the locker room is that you win as a team and you lose as a team. Today we lost as a team. We lost in all three phases of football. We didn't play well enough to win. I didn't get specific with them. We will look at the tape tomorrow, make the corrections and continue to move on. I also told our team that they have tremendous backbone and resiliency; they fought the whole way through. The effort was outstanding in all three phases. Part of the things that really hurt us today, number one was our slow start on defense. That first drive happened fast and we knew things would happen fast. We knew they would be ready for us after two weeks. We talked about that and we didn't get it down. We had the fumble and the touchdown offensively, that really hurt us, too get down 14-0, but our guys didn't flinch, they kept fighting. We didn't stop the run today; we still had to many penalties in all three phases. That really hurt us, field position, kicking game, offensively and defensively the penalties really hurt us. You can go grow them, and every one of them strongly affected the football game. We didn't get that done. We weren't able to score fast enough when we got into the red zone. We had the fourth and one stop and we were going to go for it on fourth down. This was a bit of a track meet out there today and I know that those three points seem like a lot, but I am very confident that it was the right thing to do. In the long run we were hoping that if the offense didn't make it that the defense would make the stop and we would be in three-point range again. We had to play for points today because the nature of the game and the pace of the game was frantic out there. Their team speed showed up and we hung in there with our team speed, particularly on the offensive side of the ball by moving the football around and making plays. I will just leave it at that. I left it with the guys that we know where we stand in our division after this game. It is an opportunity to learn from it and tomorrow when they show up to work there will be a lot of teams in our division, two primary teams us and Detroit, that are going to have to deal with adversity. Our guys are ready to handle it, embrace it, and go back to work. We have to put it behind us and move forward. It is a fluid season, there is so much that could happen, not just with Detroit but within our division and this league. We have to take the emotion out of it, and it is hard to do right now after a loss, but we will go ahead and get them in in the morning, get their weights in and we will make the corrections and move forward in game planning. We will work on Week 12, that is what we will do."

(On knowing that Detroit lost, how big of an opportunity a win today would have been)
"You have asked a question that you know the answer to. Obviously, it would have been a tremendous opportunity to take the lead by wins, that didn't happen. I think that we have a strong enough team to face it, we know that we have work to do. There is no doubt about it. Our guys are up for it. We have a strong hungry football team that is passionate about playing the game, practicing the game and winning. I expect that we are going to get over it, and we are going to get over it quickly. By Wednesday they will be back at it and ready to work."

(On noticing anything pregame that would indicate that the team was not mentally ready)
"Not at all. When you say team, that is a little harsh because we had a player make a dynamic play and took it for a touchdown and we put the ball on the ground. If one guy does it we all do it, I recognize that. Our guys were ready to play today. I think they were ready and I think that showed up over the course of the game. At the end of the day, to have those type of penalties hurts you tremendously and it wasn't the pre-snap penalties that we had to control today, because we did a good job on both sides of the ball, but we played a fast team and things came up in all three phases. The penalties had a lot to do with real estate and field position, obviously, and starts for the offense."

(On playing it safe and running the ball at the end of the first half)
"That is a great question. They had two time outs left, we are trying to run the ball and get the clock down and prevent the punt. We were trying to avoid the punt as much as anything, to give them an extra opportunity to make a play. That was a clear decision of do we take an aggressive approach. If we would have been coming out on defense at the break, I would have thought about it a little differently. But knowing that we were going to get the football in 12 minutes, but we didn't get it done there either. We had two runs and the second was a tackle for a loss and then we kicked out a short screen, which is really like a run, then we got a tip ball and a lot happened after that. We didn't knock the time off the clock that we wanted to and our defense did a good job of making the stop and holding them without a field goal at the end of the half."

(On the play before the fourth and one)
"I didn't see much, I just saw that the throw was a little under thrown. I think we had a clear area there to score there but we didn't execute the play. I won't really know until tomorrow as to why that happened, but we didn't execute the play."

(On not being able to score from the Red Zone)
"You have to credit to the Rams, they did a heck of a job. Certainly we have to look at our goal line offense, which is a very difficult thing to practice. We spend a lot of time walking through it, but you can't get those types of reps. We didn't get it done today; I give credit to the Rams. We kept fighting. We still got in, but it cost us three minutes off the clock which really hurt our time of possession. We are sitting there at 35 plus minutes but it is pretty meaningless because of those three minutes we spent on the one-yard line. A lot of that was penalty laden and everything else, but we didn't score fast enough."

(On the team's run defense)
"Right now we haven't done a good job of consistently stopping the run. We have to try and find a way to do a better job. I know that you may not see that happening in practice. I think the guys are in the right place but we didn't get it done. I am not going to go into the technical aspect of it, but I do know this, I think we are putting in the time and the effort and we just have to continue to work at it. I know we will. We have to do a better job next week."

(On the emotional day for G Kyle Long)
"I looked over at him once and got a hold of him and he seemed to have quieted himself down. I wasn't going to add anything to it. I think I will be able talk more about it tomorrow because I really couldn't see everything that happened. I saw Kyle lose his temper but I don't know why and I was on the other side of the field so I didn't really get a view of it."

(On what makes DE Robert Quinn a matchup nightmare)
"We only had two sacks to my recollection. We had one late hit. Our guys did a good job, I thought (T) Jermon Bushrod did a good job. We were able to throw the ball pretty effectively and when the pocket collapsed QB Josh McCown did a good job of moving around. It is just the overall package, he has size, he has speed, he has strength and he is very difficult to manage and I thought overall that Bushrod did a heck of a job against him today. We gave him help when we could and we tried to mix up the screens and move some people around and throw the ball quickly, but he is an outstanding player."


(On if he feels comfortable out there after playing a few games as the starter now)
"Yeah, I do. To be clear, I'm the backup and I'm just playing right now. Part of the backup's job is to feel comfortable when he has to play, so I definitely feel comfortable. Again, I say it all the time, how could you not with the guys that I get to walk in the huddle with and get to play with? With our offense and what we're doing, it's fun to get to work in and it's a privilege to get to work in, so I feel comfortable, yeah."

(On the struggles in the red zone)
"I'll have to look at the tape to be able to give you a better answer, but just thinking back on it, I can't speak for anybody else, but I just know I want to be better down there. So my intention is to look at the tape and see how I can improve and get better because when you get down that close you have to find a way to punch it in, whether it's running or throwing. All I know is when my number was called a few times, I felt like I could have maybe done better. So I'll look at those things and try to improve those."

(On the play of his offensive line today)
"I thought they did really good considering the circumstances. You get into a situation when you're down, in a dome, against their (the Rams) kind of pass rush and it's hard. It's really, really hard. So I thought that for the most part they fought hard. When you start to throw the ball as much as we were throwing it, every time you throw it there is a chance that they can get to you, so relative to the number of times we threw the ball I was very proud of those guys. They fought hard. Jermon (Bushrod) and Jordan (Mills) had their hands full on the edges and they really fought hard. Other than that, not having looked at the tape, I'm proud of them."

(On the Rams defensive line)
"They are just good players. I think what stands out is their speed. That is what stands out. They are fast. It's a really good young defense that they have. They are coached really well and they play really fast, and they are going to play eight games a year inside here. The sky is the limit for those guys because they fly around and they built it the right way. Those guys on the edge, when you are structuring it the way they are, you have to have guys that can rush the passer and they have two really fine pass rushers on the edge and even inside. They came out and played well and did the things that they needed to do to win the football game."

Brandon Marshall

(On how hard it is to overcome so many penalties)
"It's tough. We have to look at the film and make some adjustments. It's been like that the past two weeks and that's not us. Usually we play a pretty clean game and today, just like last week, we shot ourselves in a foot few times and weren't able to overcome penalties and stupid mistakes. We will watch film tomorrow and make the adjustments and get better. We are capable of change and we're capable of growth."

(On how thin the margin for error is when playing on the road)
"I think we are road warriors. I think we're a team that faces adversity well, adjusts, very coachable. It's like we're right there. It just seems like we are knocking on the door and the door is a little cracked and we just haven't put our foot in it. It's encouraging and we'll see if we will be able to get through that door next week. I mean it's really close. It's just a matter of time before we're able to make that jump."

(On how frustrating it is to struggle in the red zone)
"It happens like that. The past few weeks we have taken a step back from our normal production, but it came down to those guys making the plays and us not. You just have to fight, deal with adversity better, and be better. I think we had a good game plan as far as in the passing game and we will look at film and see how we can make improvements."

(On the skirmish that teammate Kyle Long was involved in)
"The type of guys we have in the locker room and in the huddle are high character guys, so we like to hold each other accountable. Kyle is just like me, he plays with his emotions on his sleeve. He's a high energy guy. We just have to harness it a little better. I think we were able to overcome it, but that can hurt us down the road and Kyle knows that and Kyle will get better. We need him to get better. He's too good of a player to let that happen."

(On if he thought the Rams' defensive line was going after QB Josh McCown a little extra)
"I think every d-line goes after the quarterback, that's their job. This is one of the best defensive lines in the business. I think they play hard. They play physical, but they play within the rules. I respect those guys over there, they're good competitors. Hats off to them for the job they did. They got pressure on us all day. It's tough going against those guys. They have like four guys that can really get after it."

Julius Peppers

(On the loss and its impact on the Bears)
"We're not concerned with what anybody else is doing. It was disappointing because we couldn't get the job done today for a lot of different reasons. It's frustrating, but at the same time we have to continue to try to get it fixed."

(On what will fix the Bears run defense)
"We have to execute better and have guys do their job better all at the same time. We have to get it fixed by practicing and by doing the little things."

(On moving forward)
"We're never going to say we can't get the problem fixed because it is fixable. Like I said, we're going to start by doing the little things right. We're going to simplify it more than it has been and we're going to work at it until it is fixed."

(On making the same mistakes)
"Obviously, some of the mistakes are repeats. It's about everybody not being on the same page at the same time. If you have 10 guys doing it right, but one guy not doing it right then that's an explosive play. We have to make sure everybody is on the same page, doing everything right all the time."


(On today's loss to the Rams)
"They're a good football team and we give them props. They were better than us today, plain and simple. We have to get back and keep getting better and that's really all you can say."

(On what he regrets most in the loss)
"We have to clean everything up. We have to get better as a defense. We have to keep coming together and get better."

(On what frustrated him the most about the loss)
"To tell you the truth I'm not even looking at it that way. I look at every game as a one game season. For us it's about getting better."

(On Tavon Austin's big run at the start of the game)
"I really don't know what happened on that play. We have to watch the film, look at it and try to clean everything up and get better."

(On Chicago's slow start)
"We have to start faster. We (the defense) have to give the ball back to the offense anyway we can. They created a big play on us early and we have to eliminate those."

(On the sense that the Chicago defense is letting down the offense)
"Right now we're a team. We win as a team and we lose as a team. For us on defense we want to play better. We've got to play better. We're going to be real critical of ourselves when we get back and watch the film. There'll be no hard feelings. We've got to take coaching and we have to play better."


(On the Rams running game)
"They did a great job. We have to be better in our gaps and do our job and move on to the next play."

(On what will fix the Bears run defense)
"We have to do our jobs. Bottom line, do our job and get it stopped."

(On the Bears defensive mistakes and if they're being repeated)
"I don't know. I don't think so."

(On the Bears starting slow)
"It's been happening to us lately. Throughout the last few games we've been starting slow. They'll get some kind of big play on us. But, we have to put that on the back burner, as far as the game goes and move on to the next play and keep playing."

Head Referee Jerome Boger

(On why Bears G Kyle Long was not ejected from the game following the unnecessary roughness penalty)
"OK, I was one of the covering officials on that play and what I had the unnecessary roughness call was for piling on, that he piled on onto a player who was already on the ground. I didn't see a kick by him."

(On if Long did not do enough to warrant an ejection from his vantage point)

(On why Rams DT Michael Brockers was called for roughing the passer in the fourth quarter)
"From my vantage point, what I ruled was that he led with the helmet into the body of the quarterback and we consider that to be roughing the passer if the defender leads with the helmet as a part of the tackle into the quarterback."

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