Podlesh content to sit

Chicago didn't punt the ball once against the Cowboys, making Adam Podlesh a non-factor in the game. When the punter sits on his hands all game, you know the Bears' offense is clicking.

Chicago Bears punter Adam Podlesh couldn't have been happier to stand on the sidelines during the team's 45-28 win over the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football.

"Any time that I have nothing to do is a very good sign," Podlesh said after the game. "That means no three-and-outs. My one job was to hold for Robbie [Gould] but he's the one doing most of the work in that situation."

Podlesh relished the opportunity to take things easy for a change as the Bears' offense moved the ball at will against Dallas' defense, converting 73 percent on 3rd down. Chicago had a season high 33 first downs, 490 total net years, 69 total offensive plays and scored on all eight of their offensive possessions. It was the type of performance Bears fans have been waiting for all season.

"I enjoyed watching that," Podlesh said. "It was a demonstration of how hard these guys have been working and what they are able to achieve. "

During the game, Podlesh admitted to huddling by the heaters in an attempt to avoid the night's bitter cold temperatures. When asked if playing helps him maintain a comfortable body temperature in such brutal conditions, Podlesh just laughed.

"You have to remember," he said, "that when I come in, it's only for a single play. Sure I warm up on the sidelines but then I go out and stand on the field. It's over almost immediately then I'm back on the sidelines. There's no way to generate any body heat with that kind of a routine."

When asked if he was concerned that his skills would get rusty if the Bears continue their offensive efficiency, Podlesh just shook his head.

"In a way you could say my role is best when what I do is not needed," he said. "That means the offense is going well and everything's under control. My skills are not going to deteriorate if I am not called in. I work plenty in practice every single week. I'd be happy to spend the rest of the season under these situations, watching this team put points on the board and convert every third down."

Beth Gorr has been covering the Bears for the last 12 years and is the author of Bear Memories: The Chicago-Green Bay Rivalry. She is currently working on a second book about early Bears history.

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