Bears-Browns Post-Game Quotes

Chicago Bears players and coaches react to Sunday's 38-31 victory over the Cleveland Browns.


Opening statement:
"I'll just give a brief summary. I congratulate our football team. I thought our team showed tremendous resilience today. There was a lot of adversity throughout the game. They embraced it, and then moved on to the next play. I thought they had each other's back throughout, they never lost their energy. I thought our wide receivers played very well today, again, both on their perimeter blocking and their ability to make plays. It was great to see Zack (Bowman) get a turnover on defense for a score, it was huge. Just talking about Jay (Cutler), I thought Jay, overall, obviously, he made a couple of mistakes. I'm sure he'll readily admit that. There were times where he wasn't sharp, but overall, I thought he was very sharp. Again, with the exception of probably two throws, plus two throws, or three throws. I think he'll get better as we move along, certainly. We were very efficient on third downs. It was huge. It allowed us to maintain possession of the ball. We played against one of the best run defenses in the league today and I think Matt (Forte) had, somebody help me out, about 120 yards rushing plus Michael Bush, which will bump it up. This is a team that has been exceptional against the run and I give credit to (Offensive Coordinator) Aaron (Kromer) and our offensive line for the job they did and our guys on the perimeter to allow us to maintain some balance in our offense, to be much more efficient on third down and to finish drives. I was disappointed in the one drive, we had a hook screen and we didn't get to the second layer. I would have liked to have given the guys a better call. I don't think I made the best call. We came up with three, but we would certainly like to have had more. I am really pleased overall with our ability to come in here with the weather. The wind was a factor in my opinion going right to left and our back had the wind in the fourth quarter. I think that certainly didn't hurt us, it helped us. We stayed aggressive throughout the game. We mixed run and threw the ball down the field and made some plays and we were able to come up with the win. I am very satisfied with our team. There was a lot of noise around our team this week. They came together, they really focused hard on a short week coming off an exceptional game on Monday Night Football and I'm giving the guys a couple of days off. I told them they were going to have tomorrow off before today. The win wasn't a factor. They worked on a short week. I want them to get all the rest they could possibly get to be ready for the game on Sunday night."

On what the reasons were for the mistakes on the two interceptions by Jay Cutler:
"The first mistake, he held the ball a little bit too long. He wanted to get that up there to (Brandon Marshall) and I'm sure he would want that back and just kick the ball out. I haven't talked to him about it yet. The second one, I'm not sure. I'd have to answer that one tomorrow or the next day. I'd have to go and look at the tape. I have a pretty good feel for the first one and I don't for the second one. There were a couple of high throws going right to left with the wind at our back more than anything, but those are really the only ones that I remember. There were maybe five throws. The two picks and maybe two or three other throws, but I thought overall he was accurate and he was efficient. Quick math shows that he was over 70% completion percentage. We moved the football today. Even with the two turnovers, with all due respect, if we don't get those turnovers, then we're sitting at over 400 yards today. As I told the team, we played well enough today, because we won, to put ourselves in a position to compete for the division in the last two games. But, we've got to play better to win it."

On what Jay Cutler did to overcome his early mistakes:
"I think (Quarterbacks Coach) Matt (Cavanaugh) did a very good job with him settling him. I know Aaron (Kromer) talked to him a little bit on the sideline. I told him that we weren't going to change our game plan or play to protect him. I think that the play calling showed that throughout. Aaron and I made the decision to let it roll and I think you have to give a lot of credit to his teammates. They played hard for him today and had his back. He's a captain of this football team and he's elected captain of this football team. I'm sure that he would tell you that, not just the offensive guys, but throughout our football team, they stuck together and won for each other today. I thought it was a real good one for us."

On what the key was to containing WR Josh Gordon:
"I thought (Defensive Coordinator) Mel (Tucker) did a good job. There were a lot of pressures. We kept everything in front. Didn't want to get him behind us, that was him that caught the touchdown pass, was it not? It was an outside line throw into Cover 2; we just didn't get over the top enough with our safeties. Overall, Mel and his staff did a great job this week. We're just working to try and get better. Working with our young guys and they (Browns) had to go the long hard way to score most of the time. Jason (Campbell) did a good job with that when they did have the opportunities. We gave them two scores, we gave them 14 points. To me, that wasn't related to the defensive side of the ball."

On what he is thinking when seeing a defensive back sitting back waiting for the ball to get to him when the ball was thrown to WR Alshon Jeffery:
"Alshon is going to jump over them and catch it. The play was designed to run a high corner to Alshon and then a lower level play to Brandon and Jay just got the ball out of his hand because he got hit and it fluttered on him. The fortunate part about it was he gave Alshon a chance to make a play. He threw it up high and gave him a chance to make a play and Alshon did what he does and that is to jump in the air and use his strong hands to make the play. It was a huge play for us."

On if he thought about replacing Jay Cutler today:
"A lot of thoughts crossed my mind, that wasn't one of them. He was throwing the ball well enough and he's a strong enough guy to overcome it and he did. He did it with the help of his teammates. He had to handle a lot this week. I think more than at any time in his career for a number of different reasons. His teammates had his back the whole time and you have to be mentally tough to do what he did today, very mentally tough. Not only to get through the week, but to get through a game in hard weather and harsh conditions and throwing two picks in the first half. It says a lot about him."

On if there was extra pressure brought on Jay Cutler due to the way that Josh McCown had played in his absence:
"I think Jay had a plan going in all week. I really felt that last night; his experience, his demeanor as we talked over the call sheet after they came back from dinner. I'm sure there was. There was a lot of noise about this. We addressed the team about it, but the team stood strong and through the adversity, he embraced it. He didn't stop playing and we're very fortunate to get the win. Certainly, you don't lose three turnovers and necessarily win a game. Our defense was able to counteract that with a couple of pluses, but you have to be pretty strong to do that as a football team."

On if he had more riding on this game due to his decision to go with Jay Cutler:
"I don't look at anything as me having something at stake. Every decision we make is completely within the interest of the football team and what's best at this time. We had a plan going in; we had a plan for the last month. What I said the day after the Detroit game was the same thing I said the day before we started practicing. We had a plan and we were going live by it. As I said, I think not only Jay, but this football team handled it very well this week."

On the run defense not allowing 100-plus yards for the first time in several weeks:
"We said it about three weeks ago, I said we were a work in progress. We weren't fitting the run right and then we weren't tackling. A week ago we said we were fitting it. Today it appeared we tackled better. Our tackling was crisper, we ran through guys to tackle them. I thought it was better. We're just going to continue to work at it. They had a difference-making player out there in Josh Gordon and we were able to contain him somewhat. (Greg) Little made some plays as well. I thought we were able to keep everything in front of us, make them go the distance and make the stops when we needed to. It was a good day, a sunny day for our run defense."


On how it feels to continue winning:
"Good actually. Obviously, there are things we need to do better, but after the game that is not what everyone is talking about."

On the interception for a touchdown:
"We were in a blitz and I kept my side. He looked my way and I broke and made the play."

On the score coming out of the half:
"It was big. It was a big touchdown for us."

On Jason Campbell telegraphing the pass:
"The last thing I remember is running into the end zone."


On QB Jay Cutler's rough start to the game:
"Well, the ball in the end zone, the interception, that was on me. It was one of our favorite plays, a play that we are really efficient on, one of our better plays. The linebacker kind of got underneath me a little bit, made me widen, then the safety came down and I didn't get around like we worked on all week. I put Jay in a bad bind, so that's really on me. The second one, he just threw a terrible ball so that's on Jay, he was rusty. Coming in we understood that this was the type of game we were going to have. The guys have been on ice for weeks now. It was a good thing that we were able to get through it, get a victory, and still have hope. Hats off to him, he's been doing it all year when he was in there, playing lights out in the fourth quarter. We expected to win, we expected it to be a little rough, and we came out on top."

On pressure QB Jay Cutler had leading up to the game:
"Well, you guys have been around him for a while now and he's not going to show it. The human side of things, you have a guy in Josh McCown playing lights out. Probably playing the best football of any quarterback in the National Football League. I can only imagine the commentators and the fans back at home after the first and second pick, what they were saying. I'm sure they were ready to hang him. This team has been resilient all year, faced adversity really well all year and it was nothing short of that today."

On third down efficiency:
"It's execution, I don't think our coaches get enough credit. You hear everyone, this whole week, there has been a lot of noise, a lot of distractions. People want to do stories around Alshon (Jeffery) and myself, the receivers. Matt (Forte) is having his best year ever, the offensive line is playing like studs. Probably in the top five offensive lines in the league and our coaches don't get a lot of credit. They work hard and put us in a position to be successful, and that's tough. I've been around a few places, and our coaches do a great job. It's a lot of hard work and probably the majority of it goes on our coaches, starting with coach Trestman."


On being able to make big plays for his team:
"We always talk about just throwing it up and giving me a chance. I just try to make the best of the opportunity."

On Jay Cutler's return:
"He played well. He was a little rusty coming out, but he likes to be aggressive. He likes to throw it down the field and take some shots."

On touchdown catch:
"I'm just thinking ‘make a play.' I make my quarterback look good and he makes me look good."

Matt Forte

On having a tough time running the ball:
"Sometimes it's like that. They are a good defense. I think they are tops in the league in all of the defensive categories. It's a testament to our offensive line for us to get over 100 yards rushing."

On being patient with Jay Cutler's return:
It's very important to be patient. You have to be patient because you know adversity is going to come during the game. It's on us to be his backbone so he can fall back on us and not get discouraged."

On Jeffery's catch:
"It was funny. I was in the check down and I saw Jay looking deep. He slung it out there. I saw Jay throw it and get hit, so I was thinking, ‘yes, penalty.' I thought it could be roughing the quarterback and we would have a first down. I turned and looked and he caught the ball and jumped into the end zone. It was a great catch by Alshon. Just to have that focus with two guys on him was great."


On his game today:
"I started off rusty. I had some throws that were high, the guys rallied around me though, they played really well. They made some big time catches, offensive line played great, so it feels good getting back out there. A really good team win."

On if he felt pressure coming into the game:
"Yeah, I think I'd be lying if I didn't say there was. With everything on the outside, and as well as Josh (McCown) has played. This was the plan all along and no one really flinched in our building. Everyone kind of stuck to it, Josh was super supportive, Tress (Coach Trestman) did a great job and the guys out there on the field. They're a great group of guys; they rallied behind me when we started off a little bit slow. It was fun getting back out there with them and we're looking forward to moving on from this week."

On confidence after interceptions:
"No, both of them, I felt good about the throws, going to the right place. It wasn't like I wasn't seeing things, it was more about just making the throw which I l know I can do that. It was just moving onto the next play and let's just keep rolling here. We have really good players, we have really good plays. Let's just stay positive and let it come and it finally did, we got some guys open."

On the touchdown to Alshon Jeffery:
"I still haven't seen it. I was talking to the ref whenever they were replaying it. Just asking him about the roughing the passer call and my arm got hit, so I didn't think it was going to get there. I was on the ground, I was like ‘there's number three' because I just thought it was going to be floating 20 yards down the field. Somehow it got all the way down there and Alshon does what Alshon does best, is make plays in the air. Like I said; great, great, great group of guys around me. I can't speak enough about the offensive line and Earl (Bennett) making big catches today. Alshon, Martellus (Bennett) making some catches, Brandon (Marshall) always out there. It's a fun, fun group to play with."

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