Bears-Eagles Post-Game Quotes

Chicago Bears players and coaches react to yesterday's 54-11 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Marc Trestman

"Well there is not much to say but I will keep it very brief. We are a team that was ready to play this game and we played a terrible football game for lack of a better word. I'm not going to use any word other than that. We were terrible in all three phases. We didn't play well in any phase of football. We were three and out to start. We had a short punt that they turned into a touchdown drive. We fumbled a kickoff and they turned it into another touchdown drive and the game got away from us. We lost the line of scrimmage on both sides of the football. We didn't run the ball well, we couldn't even get a run started tonight when we started the game, and we certainly couldn't stop the run. As I told our guys, we played a team today that got 48 scored on them last week and we see the team that was able to show up last week. We have to give the Eagles a lot of credit for the way they played tonight. We didn't play well as I said. I will leave it open to questions. Right now, as I told the guys, I want them to go home and appreciate Christmas and spend some time with their families and get themselves ready to go. We will throw this tape in the trashcan. Coaches will evaluate it and make sure that we clean up the things that we can clean up for next week. I know the guys will come in excited and ready to play Green Bay on Sunday. All we can do at this point is put this one behind us, answer the questions that have to be answered as honestly as we can and that is that. We played poorly in all three phases, I'll say it again. And I'll leave it open for questions."

On how LB Lance Briggs looked to him:
"I thought he did well. He came out a couple times and got some wind, went back out. I thought he played hard. I could answer that question better obviously in a couple days after looking at the tape and next time we get together, but I thought he came through well and he looked well after the game."

On his thoughts on what were the biggest breakdowns on defense:
"Well I think that it is a continuity football game. It's hard to talk about one side and not talk the other. If you talk defense it was our inability to stop the run. We couldn't stop the run, we couldn't slow them down tonight. And they continued to find ways to slow us down offensively. Again we couldn't get a run started. We didn't do as good a job as obviously we've done protecting [QB] Jay [Cutler]. He got hit probably more in this game than he's been hit at any time during the season, that wasn't good. We couldn't get any big plays going for ourselves on either side. There were no difference-making plays. Nothing really happened on our side of it. You have to give Philadelphia credit; they played a heck of a game."

On how disappointing it was to not be able to wrap this up:
"Yeah the season is full of disappointments, that is part of the adversity of the season. We are not happy about it, we are extremely disappointed. But then that has to go away and we have to re-energize ourselves. We have a very important game on Sunday. Once we let this thing go in the next 24 hours our guys have done a good job, we've had a couple of these during the season. The last one was really in Detroit where we got behind by a big number, three or four scores. And we fought our way back, it didn't happen tonight. But it's disappointing we couldn't get it done but if we said in April that we would have an opportunity to go to the playoffs and do that by winning the last game we would be in. And that's where we are; we are in on it on Sunday. We have to be at our best and we are going to play a very good football team."

On falling behind 21-0 and what that did to his play-calling:
"Well it was tough, there is no doubt about it, because the game was moving fast on their side of the ball. And so we were a little more aggressive, I think you could see that. We took some shots, we didn't get a PI [pass interference] tonight, we didn't get a big catch down the field. We had some shots early and really when we were down 21-0 we just couldn't get it done. As I said we took some shots, we really got out of the rhythm of running the football and mixing the run and giving [RB] Matt [Forte] a chance. It didn't start out very well because we were taking hits and he was sliding off some hits and he had some second effort to push his way into some positive yards. But it wasn't clean the way it has been in the weeks past."

On the fact that the Lions and Packers lost and that there really wasn't a whole lot for the Eagles in this game, and emotionally did he think that was going to help them:
"I didn't think about any of that. Our guys have gone out every week and played to win. There was no doubt in our minds that we prepared to do that, practiced to do that, but at the end of the day we didn't get it done tonight. I don't think about all those other things. These guys are professional football players, they are focused on playing and winning, and expecting to win. We didn't get it done tonight."

On how aware his players were that the Lions and Packers lost tonight, and whether he addressed it:
"Well, they were aware. We didn't address it as a team but our players knew it. And we knew what was at stake tonight and the opportunity that we had and we didn't get it done."

On if he thought it would give them an extra feeling of momentum going into kickoff:
"I think that those kind of motivational things, whatever it is, usually last about two minutes and then guys get settled into playing the game and being at their best. So all that stuff is perceptively something that may give a team an emotional lift, but at the end of the day once that game gets started they are not in a position to be worrying about that or thinking about that as much as they are to be at their best at every play. And we certainly weren't that today and certainly that starts with me. The team wasn't at its best today so I accept accountability for that as well."

On the fact that he has been consistent with QB Jay Cutler, and if there is a decision on if he will start Sunday against Green Bay:
"Nothing there. There are a lot of different reasons we didn't get this done today. We are all at fault and again it starts with me. Nobody played well enough to win tonight certainly in all three phases."

On what he sensed allowed the Eagles to create the pressure that they were able to create tonight:
"That is a tough question. I would like to be more specific with you. They were hitting us with different fronts and a lot of backers in gaps, things like that. Again I could be more specific when I look at the tape."

On his defense taking some small steps forward recently but then obviously a step back tonight, and how he will address that going into this week:
"Well we have to address it factually. We can't deny the fact that we didn't stop the run tonight. And we have to make sure they know why and we have to do what we can to get back to where we were previously in the last couple weeks when we really did feel that we were ascending, we were getting better. Not where we ever want to be but certainly at place where we can be in a competitive environment and make the stops necessary to get the ball back to the offense and do those kinds of things. But there is no one side of the ball that lost this one, all you do is watch the game and it was clear and it is in most cases, you win as a team and you lose as a team. We've said that all year and we certainly did tonight."

On what makes RB LeSean McCoy, within this offensive system, as dangerous as he is:
"I don't think it would matter what offensive system he plays in. [Eagles Coach] Chip [Kelly] has done a tremendous job putting his offense in, no doubt about it, but he is just a great back. He is a back who can play in anybody's offense and be great. He is great in space, his second effort is as good as anybody in the league. He has great hands and you saw it tonight, he made people miss in space all over the place tonight. He is a very dynamic, elite player in our league no doubt about it."

Jay Cutler

On how tough it was being down 21-0 in the first quarter:
"Yeah, it's hard. We should have started faster. We needed to start faster. We were down 14-0 pretty quickly and then soon 21-0. It's hard to get in a rhythm because it's pass, pass, pass. We're putting our offensive line in a bad position, a lot of one-on-one blocks. They did a good job of taking away the outside lanes and then kind of blitzing our back. We were trying to keep [RB] Matt [Forte] in. They had a good plan. We have to give them a hand. They beat us pretty thoroughly offensively."

On whether knowing what happened around the country before the game gave them a sense of momentum going into kickoff, and how it gave away so quickly:
"We felt good going into the game. I thought we had a good plan. I thought we had some really good practices this week. Obviously, we didn't play like it. So I don't think any of that other stuff really affected it. We knew our situation going into the game but all that stuff dies away pretty quickly and we just have to go out there and play football which we didn't do very well."

On what allowed Philadelphia to create pressure consistently throughout the game:
"Like I said, we were down 14-0 pretty quickly and trying to climb back into the game, passing the ball. It's hard on the offensive line with the one-on-one. That's the thing, they do a lot of one-on-one blocks. It creates pressure on the edges and if you pass the ball, pass the ball, pass the ball, you're going to get home at some point. We just have to do a better job early in the game of staying out of that situation, starting better, and getting some points up earlier."

On whether, as a team, they study the tape of this game or forget about it and prepare for Green Bay:
"I don't think we'll study this one much. There's not much to study. We got beat down, it was a different type of game. We were playing a little bit of street ball there just trying to crawl back into it. Pass, pass, pass. Two-minute situations in the middle of the third quarter. It's unrealistic, so to really go back and study it is going to be a waste of our time. We have Christmas coming up so it's going to be a shorter day for us. We are off tomorrow, so guys just have to re-group, stay together, and it's one game. One game away.

On what effect this game has on his confidence:
"None. Like I said, we had a great week of practice. We had a good plan. They just had a better one. It's going to happen across the NFL. These guys went to Minnesota last week and had a similar game as we had today, and they come back today and they bounced back pretty well. Nothing says that we can't play well next week."

On whether it's disappointing on a personal level to not build off the strong game against Cleveland:
"Personally, I'm not worried about it. As a team offensively, we didn't play as well as we wanted to. A majority of that falls on my shoulders rightfully so. I've got to play better and in turn the rest of the guys will as well."

On what happened on the interception that was returned for a TD:
"Bad ball. He did a good job of re-routing the slot and then sliding out there, but he's just got to put it a little bit further out there."

On what the mix of emotions is like right now having played a performance like that and knowing they're seven days away from a title game:
"I'm not even thinking about this game to be honest with you. It's done, it's over with. I'm on to Green Bay. This game is wiped clean. I think the rest of the locker room is the same way. Not much we can do about this one. We just have to keep moving forward and concentrating Green Bay now."

Matt Forte

On today's performance:
"With this game, we just want to forget about what happened, throw it in the trash, and study for Green Bay."

On being able to come back from huge deficits in the past:
"There is no excuse for what happened or what we didn't do. Nobody played well across the board. We need to execute better and we will win."

On playing s sudden death game two years in a row:
"At least, this time it's different where we win and we're in. Last year we have to win and someone else had to lose I believe. It's all or nothing."

On today's performance from the Eagles:
"No excuses. I keep saying there are no excuses on tonight's game. Nobody played well on our side. It was just one of those games where everything was going their way and nothing went our way. We have to focus on next week and get the job done."

Devin Hester

On injuries to key players:
"They are part of the game. Guys have to step up and play. We have lost some key players and it has hurt our running game a little bit but we have to play on."

On playing the Packers next week and possibly playing QB Aaron Rodgers:
"We have no choice if they decide to play him next week. We just have to make sure we take care of business."

On how to bounce back from a loss like tonight:
"Pretty much, we have to throw this in the garbage. Enjoy Christmas and not even look at this film. This was a horrible game on our part. We can't dwell on it and we just have to get past it."

Julius Peppers

On tonight's game:
"First off, you have to give credit to them for coming out and bringing it to us. Then on our end, it was just a poor performance all around."

On whether he knew that the Packers and Lions lost before tonight's game:
"Did we know? Personally I knew and I'm not sure if everybody else knew or if anybody was paying attention to it. But I don't think it had that much effect on the outcome out there."

On whether it makes the loss that much tougher:
"I mean I don't know if it makes it more disappointing because just the overall night was disappointing in itself but we have another chance next week and that is what we must focus on."

On the return of LB Lance Briggs:
"Yes, it was good having him back. It was good having him on the field. The final score might not show it but it was a big boost having him out there."

On moving past this game:
"Yes, that is what we must do. We have to have a short term memory with this. We will be back to work on Wednesday and just move forward. We won't forget about it but we will move it to the side and get ready for the next game."

On the Eagles first quarter performance:
"They just came out and brought it to us. I don't want to get in to specifics without reviewing film but they just had it tonight. It's a game and we have to move on. The same thing that happened to us tonight happened to them last week. This is a resilient group and we will move on to next week's game."

Jermon Bushrod

On his disappointment of the offensive line play:
"We need to watch the film and I know that it is going to be painful. We have to learn from our mistakes and we will come back with a mission next week. We just did not get it done and we did not play team football. We got in to bad positions and did not pick up the blitz well enough. When they score, we have to come down and score and we did not do that. This just was a bad loss but we will bounce back."

On how tough the loss is on the team:
"My hat goes off to the Eagles because they played well tonight. It hurts because they came to play and we did not. It is unfortunate because we wanted to proclaim our own destiny and we did not get it done. We worked way too hard to come in and play the way that we did. We should of scored more and we did not. We have another week to prepare for our next game and we will play better."

On whether he was disappointed that things fell apart so fast:
"This game does not taste good. We had no momentum in the game. We got down 21 points and we needed to score and we did not do that. You have to come back and score on a team when they mount the lead. The Eagles did and we did not do that. It is frustrating because we scored a lot of points this year in games but not tonight."

On whether he was surprised with the amount of sacks the Bears gave up:
"We just had too many breakdowns tonight and this is not characteristic of the way we play. We do not preach this and practice this and we want to protect our quarterback. When you get down in a game like this and it gets lopsided, they throw a bunch at you and can afford to do so. We have to play better on the line and that starts with me."

Chris Conte

On whether he was concerned when he was issued a concussion test:
"The test is pretty in depth and they have a full process they put you through and a specialist gives a test to you. The questions are not easy and there are many memory things you have to complete. Even without a concussion you really have to focus on what is asked of you. They gave me the test and I passed it and I am thankful for that. If I did not feel good I would not have gone back into the game."

On how the injury happened:
"I went up to knock a ball down and I bent back and came down hard and banged my head hard on the ground. They wanted to check me out because I hit it pretty good but I am good."

On how the team can bounce back from such a loss:
"We do not have a choice to worry about the loss. We still have an opportunity to bounce back and win our next game and get into the playoffs. We have to put it behind us and we have to put all our energy into practicing well and winning the next game."

On whether it was one thing they did wrong or a number of things:
"I do not think it was one special thing we did wrong but we just had our tails kicked today."

On whether they were prepared for QB Nick Foles faking one way and going the other:
"The coaches do a great job putting the right plays in for their offense and he was able to read our defense really well and complete a lot of passes. They connected on too many passes on the plays they ran and we just have to get better."

On what he thought about the play of RB LeSean McCoy:
"We need to play the run better and he gets a lot of plays in the game and you have to stop him to win. You have to take your hat off to him because he is really a great running back."

Jeremiah Ratliff

On his disappointment in the game:
"We needed to win this game and I want to get back to work and get the next win in our next game. You can beat yourself up and get in a funk or you can forget about the game. We just need to practice harder and come back and play a lot better and put this game behind us. We cannot worry about the others teams and how they played today. We just need to focus on how we played today and we did not play our game."

On whether an announcement was made that Detroit had lost before their game:
"No. There was no announcement that the Lions had lost their game. I cannot speak for everyone else but I just wanted to focus on the game at hand and not worry about other teams. To get into the playoffs we need to play better."

On whether he was disappointed they could not stop RB LeSean McCoy:
"Any time you cannot stop the run it is disappointing. We did not stop McCoy like we would have liked to, but we just have to put this game behind us and move on."

On how he can help pick the locker room up emotionally:
"Nobody can quit because we are all made the same way and our goal is to get in the playoffs. We all need to spend time with our families and have to put this game behind us. Everyone just needs to come back with the attitude that they need to work hard and get a win in the next game."

Tim Jennings

On whether he was surprised with the way the defense struggled:
"I was a little surprised but the Eagles came out hot and they capitalized on some early big plays and we found ourselves behind quickly. We just were not able to catch up and make the plays we needed to, to get back into the game."

On what QB Nick Foles and the receivers did to hurt the defense:
"There was nothing that we did not see on film and we just missed some tackles and we did not get off the field on third downs."

On whether there were some breakdowns on covering the tight ends:
"There were no breakdowns but there was a lot of play action going on and you have to key on the run and then watch for the pass. You have to expect the run and that they are going to possibly throw behind you and it can be tough. We knew it was coming because we saw it on the film and we just need to do a better job stopping the run and make them more one dimensional."

On his impressions of RB LeSean McCoy:
"He is a shifty runner and works hard to get the extra yards after you try and tackle him. We knew we were going to have to gang tackle him but my hat goes off to the Eagles in the way they ran the ball on us."

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