Senior Bowl: Kareem Martin

MOBILE, ALABAMA -- An update with North Carolina defensive lineman Kareem Martin after three days of Senior Bowl practice...

One thing that Kareem Martin wants to prove to NFL Scouts this week is his versatility and on Wednesday, Martin's strongest workout of the week, the defensive end felt confident in his performance.

"I was just more relaxed today. Coming out here and playing my game, playing free. Today was my best day," he said.

The North Carolina lineman continues to be motivated by the presence of hundreds of NFL scouts to show he has what it takes to play at the next level.

"I can contribute both in the run and in the pass. I can be the third down guy that comes in to rush the passer or the every down guy. I'm a versatile player, whether I have to play in the 2-point, outside linebacker, I feel like I can do that," he said.

Martin, who measured in this week at 6-foot-6, 265-pounds, noted that while he would be excited to make any NFL roster, he'd continuously be competing for a larger role.

"I can adjust to any role. If I'm just a third down guy, I want to work my way to be an every down player. First down, second down, third down. I see myself being able to stop the run and play fast," he said.

On Wednesday, Martin was asked as to what NFL defense he feels would best suit him, and the defensive lineman quickly answered that he could play both a 3-4 and 4-3.

"I feel like I can play both, whether I bulk up in weight and play a 5tech in a 3-4 or stay at my weight and play outside linebacker in a 3-4. I think at the weight I'm at now, I could play in a 4-3, as well," he said.

Martin was also asked to compare his game to a current NFL athlete, and pointed towards the Carolina Panthers defensive ends.

"They are bigger guys who power rush on the edge but can get you around the edge with speed. I see myself being that type of end at the next level," he said.

The Tar Heels are no stranger to first round draft picks, and Martin can't help but smile when asked to speak of the possibility in continuing the tradition.

"It would mean the world to me. Our d-lineman [at UNC], we have pictures of every draft pick we've had and bigger pictures of the first round guys. Just to continue that legacy, you know, 'D-Line U' at UNC, it would mean everything," he said.

He went in-depth on Robert Quinn, a former teammate who was the fourteenth pick in the 2011 draft.

"He's a freak. The things he does are mind-blowing sometimes. I knew he was going to have this success in the NFL during my freshman year, three or four years ago. I'm just happy for him, to see his success, and when I watch his game, I take a few things from it. He's one of the best right now," he said.

Martin has had a chance to talk with many NFL teams this week, and wants to convey the skill set that he will bring to a next-level defense.

"Speed and power; a combination of everything. I think I play the run really well throughout my college career and even here. It's a little tougher here, but I feel like I'm holding in there and I'm one of the more complete ends in the draft," he said.

The impression seems to be that Senior Bowl is helping raise Martin's draft stock, as he continues to receive positive feedback from scouts.

"I've been getting great feedback. Every day I'm just getting better and they are telling me what I need to work on, just little things to help me keep going forward and help my stock," he said.

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