Injuries Continue to Accumulate

LAKE FOREST, IL. -- Among the Bears that missed Saturday's match up with Kansas City were Tony Parrish (shoulder sprain), Dustin Lyman (ankle sprain) and the teams top three draft choices David Terrell (shoulder sprain) Anthony Thomas (bruised knee) and Chris Gandy (ankle sprain).

Terrell was the latest casualty when he sprained his right shoulder on Tuesday (8-15).

"I went up for a pass and came down on it and its sprained, a mild sprain on the AC joint," Terrell said. "That's pretty much it. I've got my range of motion so once the soreness goes out I'll be back."

Terrell should be active for the Bears last preseason game with the Arizona Cardinals. However, if the injury should keep him out of the game that will leave him with only two preseason games of experience going into the regular season. After missing over a week of training camp due to a holdout Terrell was beginning to make an impact catching a touchdown pass in his last game.

"Every day that I wasn't out there I was getting behind," he said. "And then I'm up here and going over and over --you know I can always do better. "

Terrell, who had never missed a game at Michigan, said every day he misses slows his development.

"It's a preseason game so, you know. It's important for me to be out there and I want to be out there. It's really (important) to my knowledge right now. I want to be out there, no doubt, because every game is preparation for that Sept. 9 game with Baltimore. Right now I'm watching a lot of film and trying to get ready."

The Bears did receive some good news last week when James Allen and Warrick Holdman both returned from injuries to practice. Allen returned a day after Dick Jauron said the 1,000-yard rusher from a year ago would not see play in Baltimore unless he saw game action before hand. However, Jauron said Allen's return was scheduled the day he came back (8-15).

Allen was excited about returning to action. "Definitely, it's our goal right now to get back up to speed to where I can get in there and get some contact," Allen said. "To get that game feeling and kind of get that game adrenaline pumping, because practice is practice, but you want to get in the game, so I'm looking forward to that challenge."

Shane Matthews was happy to see Allen back behind him. "It's good to see number twenty (Allen) in there. I know a lot of guys have missed him. The other guys that have filled in have done very well, but number twenty can make a lot of people miss."

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