The Freakiest

This weekend I broke down the "biggest freaks" from the Mountain Region and Hawaii. It's now time to look at the five freakiest from the original twenty-five freaks...

Trying to pick the top athletes from these list was not an easy task. Picking which multi-sport star with a 600 pound squat and 35 inch vert was a daunting endeavor. Here's what I came up with...

The Top Five Freaks From The Mountain Region + Hawaii

5)Alize Jones

My Original Thoughts: "At 6-5 220 pounds I don't think there is a tight end with more upside in the entire country. Jones runs and jumps like an All Pac-12 tight end already. His recent SPARQ testing at The Opening was proof of that, posting a 4.03 shuttle time and a 37 inch vert. He needs to continue to get stronger and work on some of the fundamentals of the game, but he has scary talent. I grew up down the road from a pretty good (and very infamous) tight end named Aaron Hernandez and I was always amazed at what he could do on the field. Jones' upside makes Hernandez look average. You don't want to compare a teenage boy to Vernon Davis, but if there ever was a prospect to compare to the biggest freak to ever play TE, it may be Jones. UCLA should be excited about this kid, he is just scratching the surface."

Final Thoughts on Jones: The Bishop Gorman tight end is a mismatch. There isn't a linebacker or safety in the country that can stick with Jones in coverage. Jones has the potential to play the game of football at a high level for a long time. His size and athleticism make worthy of that 5th star and he has nowhere to go but up. He is only 220 pounds right now, but after a year or two in a D1 weight room + on a D1 nutrition plan... look out.

4)Tevis Bartlett

My Original Thoughts: "Bartlett will go down as one of the best athletes in the history of Wyoming. As a junior, Bartlett threw for 1,500 yards and 13 touchdowns, while adding another 1,400 yards, and 19 scores on the ground. Bartlett never left the field, he was also a standout linebacker for Cheyenne East HS. Bartlett has picked up offers for Colorado, Oregon, and Utah and is being looked at very seriously by Stanford as well. The craziest thing about Bartlett is football isn't even his best sport. The freak from Wyoming's capitol is one of the best wrestlers in the nation. You'd be hard pressed to find five better wrestlers at the high school level. The 6-4 215 pound athlete is also a fantastic student. They don't come much more impressive than Tevis Bartlett."

Final Thoughts on Bartlett: Tevis Bartlett is a 2x All-American in wrestling. As a sophomore, he placed third at nationals for the 195 pound weight class. As a junior, Barlett did it all for his team, carrying them to a championship. He is a good dual threat quarterback, that can also play safety or outside linebacker at the next level. When Bartlett sets his mind to something, odds are he is going to do it. If he was from a major city he'd have a lot more offers.

3)Osa Masina

My Original Thoughts: "Masina was an all-region basketball player as well as track runner. But it is his ability on the football field that makes him stand out. Masina could be a very good college running back, tight end, outside linebacker, and defensive end. If you wanted be abstracted about it Masina could probably play another half dozen positions if he wanted to. The scariest part about reigning Utah MVP is he is just scratching the surface of his ability. At 6-4 233 pounds, the Brighton athlete can do it all on the football field and is the definition of a freak."

Final Thoughts on Masina: Scout's newest 5 star prospect can do it all on the football field. At the All-Poly Camp, Masina looked like a shutdown defensive back in pass coverage and he ran around like his hair was on fire playing linebacker. His versatility is really what stands out most about him. There are a few positions that he could play at a four or five star level. Masina is a disruptive force that can single-handedly win a football game. Every time he shows up at a camp, he looks a little a bigger, a little faster, and a little better.

2)Porter Gustin

My Original Thoughts: "It took a while for the secret of Gustin to surface, but once coaches found his film on HUDL his recruitment went from 0 to 60 as fast as anyone ever has. Gustin is every bit of 6-4 235 pounds and runs a 4.6 with ease. He is the definition of a weight room warrior. Gustin can throw 225 around on the bench with proper form like water (19 times) and spends 3-4 hours working out on a daily basis. Gustin is also an elite pitcher who is drawing MLB attention, a very good basketball player (15 points/8 rebounds per game), and one of the state's best Javelin throwers. When you look at his body of work, it is easy to see why he is the most sought after prospect in the entire Mountain Region."

Final Thoughts on Gustin: If Gustin put his mind to playing any sport, I am convinced he could play it at the D1 level. He could end up playing a variety of positions in football. His skillset would make for a good tight end, fullback, middle backer, outside backer, and defensive end (where we project him). Oregon and LSU have even talked about running a quarterback package with Gustin. From a physical standpoint, there aren't too many prospects that can compete with him. The recruiting battle that ensues over Gustin could be one of the most intense this year.

(Porter Gustin)

1)Breiden Fehoko

My Original Thoughts: "At 6-3 290 pounds, there is not a single high school football prospect that has strength to rival Fehoko. The Farrington defensive tackle has numbers that would have placed amongst the top at the 2014 NFL combine. Fehoko's 37 reps of 225 on the bench press is well documented. Additionally, Fehoko claims a max bench of 485, he can squat 625, and power cleans 305 lbs. Despite being so strong, he is also incredibly athletic. Fehoko runs a 4.9 40 and can dunk a basketball with ease at 290 pounds. As a junior, he wracked up 24.5 sacks and 12 forced fumbles. Texas Tech certainly has one of the biggest freaks in the class of 2015 heading their way next year."

Final Thoughts on Fehoko: How many NFL defensive tackles are stronger than Fehoko? There can't be too many. The future Red Raider is built like an Army tank and continues to get stronger. Once Fehoko is in a D1 weight program and is eating the right quality and quantity of food, he will only get bigger and better. That is a frightening thought. A few years ago, Fehoko told me he wants to be the next Haloti Ngata. While he still has a long way to go, he is on the path.

(I will not say the word "freak" for the next few years)

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