Bears/Eagles Post-Game Quotes

Chicago Bears players and coaches discuss Friday's 34-28 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in the preseason opener.

LB Shea McClellin

On how he would evaluate his performance

“It’s hard from just being out there, but I felt comfortable. I missed a couple of tackles. It was a start, now I just need to get better from here.”

On the plan for the number of reps he would see tonight

“I don’t know. I know the older guys didn’t get many reps. I think all of the younger guys wanted to get an equal amount. I really don’t know how many it was.”

TE Zach Miller

On the touchdown catches

“It was actually the same play call – almost the same throw from both Jay (Cutler) and Jordan (Palmer). It was a back-shoulder throw, and they put it where they needed to.”

On whether he has a preferred portion of the field on which to operate

“I’m comfortable moving around. That’s something I did early on in my career. So, I just need to prove that I can still do it now.”

On his blocking tonight

“That’s always something that I’m going to have to improve on. So, I’ll take that and probably cut up tape and see what I can do to improve in that area.”

On what tight end meetings are like

“It’s a great room. Everyone is talented. Everyone supports one another. Everybody is very smart. They pass on knowledge and really don’t have to hold anything to themselves. We have a really great room.”

DT Stephen Paea

On the depth of this defensive line group

“It’s just going to make our line better and make our team better. There’s no selfishness in here. We’ve just got to play, and at the end of the day, everybody has to do his job. If I don’t do my job, there are guys behind me who will be ready to take over. It’s the same for them unless you get paid thirty million (laughter). It’s just one of those things where you just have to do your job. I think we’re having great chemistry. I’m just excited as to what is going to happen this year.”

QB Jimmy Clausen

On how it felt to be out there running the offense

“I felt comfortable. You know, every time I get to play, I just need to go out there and execute the game plan to the best of my ability. I wish I could have had a couple of throws back, and I’m sure there are going to be some mistakes on tape. But, we’ll just wait and see the tape tomorrow and go from there.”

On the touchdown pass to Chris Williams

“It was a two-play call, and we checked out of the first play and went to that. I thought Chris ran a great route, which makes my job really easy. I was just able to lay it out there and let him run underneath it.”

QB Jay Cutler

On sporting a Cubs hat

“It’s a statement. Thank you.”

On utilizing all the TEs in the passing game

“Yeah, I thought they both came in and played nicely. Zach (Miller), the first time with us, obviously had a heck of a day. We have to keep getting better in that regard.”

On playing a second series

“Yeah, three and out, I figured we would get back in to it and get another drive, which I’m glad we did. We were backed up a few times, overcame a few penalties. So, it was a good drive for us.”

On whether he was surprised to throw the ball so much with two OLs out

“No, no. We’ve been comfortable with who we have. With Kyle (Long) being out early in training camp, and Jordan (Mills) we’ve been rotating a lot of guys in there. I’ve been working with the twos [second team] a little bit, so my comfort level with a lot of different groups is good.”

On how the 13-play drive looked smooth and effective

“Yeah. You go it. Plays were coming in, and like I said, we had a few backed- up situations, some long yardage we were able to convert on. I was getting more of a comfort level with the O-line, sitting in the pocket. Things were going good.”

On if he thought all the QBs, himself included, played well

“Yeah, yeah, you have to. There are some mistakes out there, some on our part. There always are. Some things to clean up, but the guys were really efficient, getting in and out of the huddle, getting the play called, getting to our checks, going through our reads. Jimmy’s [Clausen] second touchdown pass - he went all the way through his reads. Very rarely do you get back to that backside guy, and he found him for a touchdown. Guys did well.”

On his one high throw to Eric Weems

“It was kind of a hole-shot, so I had to put a lot on it to get that there. It just sailed a little bit on me. I don’t know if B [Brandon Marshall] or Alshon [Jeffery] would have been able to get that either.”


Opening Statement

“I know you guys got work to do. I’ll just start off by saying it was a good win. It took all 90 guys to win this game. We had 90 Chicago Bears out there, and we played 4 quarters. I was really excited about that. It turned out to be the type of game we are going to have throughout the year, these “58 plus two” games. It’s going to take all 60 minutes to win them. It’s good for our football team, and good for the guys. It was very encouraging from that standpoint. We have a lot of good tape to look at. There’s a lot of corrections to be made. There was certainly error in our game throughout. I thought the effort was very good, but the tape will help us teach. To me, the red flag tonight was the yellow flags. There were too many penalties. We’ve got to really work hard to assess why the penalties occurred. We need to make more of an emphasis in practice over the next week of practice. We’ve got three days of practice and one day of walkthroughs. We need to do that. I thought the tackling early on was good. With special teams and with our first group, we had solid clean tackling and some clean tackling on the perimeter. We didn’t fit everything up, but overall we saw some encouraging things in that regard. Offensively, I thought our line did a good job. I think we only had one sack. It all starts there with protection, when the quarterbacks throw the football. Our first group was encouraged by that. We overcame two penalties in the second drive from my recollection, to go in for a score. I thought that was a good thing. And I thought all the quarterbacks along the line had some adversity, and they were able to come back and make it a positive night in some fashion.”

On the defensive line against Nick Foles

“The tape will tell more. I was looking at how we were setting the edge. Did we have the opportunity to make some tackles and do some clean tackling? I saw a little bit of that. How much? I’ll let you know after I look at the tape. That was really my focus today; it wasn’t so much on the passing game. It was good to see the turnover early. Ryan (Mundy) got the turnover, which gave us the opportunity early on to score, although we didn’t make anything of it. So that’s where I am in terms of Foles. Like I said, the tackling was something I was focusing on. It was good on the back end that we were able to get a pass rush and get a turnover early.”

On whether the success of Martellus Bennett’s back-ups influences his decision on bringing him back

“I think these are completely two independent issues that really have nothing to do with each other. What we’ve talked about regarding Martellus hasn’t changed. We’re looking forward to getting him back as soon as it’s the right time. We’ll continue to address that each and every day. We will continue to evaluate the guys who played at the tight end position tonight. But I think they are independent of each other.”

On whether Martellus Bennett will be back in Bourbonnais on Sunday

“It has not been decided one way or another. We will continue to get focused on that a little bit over the next 24 hours. I will certainly let you know on Sunday where we are.”

On what he learned about their WRs tonight

“I think it’s a good question, but it’s a hard one to answer. We had a lot of catches tonight. A lot of guys showed up. The numbers kind of run together when you have your head down, calling the next play. Quite honestly, I don’t get to see some of that, because as soon as it happens (or just before), I’m moving ahead to the next play on my card. Our quarterbacks moved the ball around to the running backs, tight ends and receivers. I don’t know what the final stats were, but it seemed like we moved the ball around to all the receivers. Some of the guys that are competing for positions on this team certainly had opportunities to catch the ball.”

On the play of Jordan Palmer and Jimmy Clausen

“I’m excited about what they did tonight. There’s reasons why things happen the way they do. Jordan overcame the interception. I’m not pinpointing the interception on him; I haven’t seen the tape to know. I know he took a pretty darn good hit as soon as he released the ball. But I like the way he brought the team back. He came back and moved the football team. And the same thing with Jimmy. I thought he moved the football team as well. He was poised, for a guy who has been here so little time. I think we saw something there as well, so that competition will continue.”

On whether he planned on throwing the ball extensively tonight

“You never plan to do that. There was no game plan, per se. We just took some good plays, and ran the plays we thought the quarterbacks could do a good job with. We tried to get guys the football. We got Matt (Forte) a few carries, we got Senorise (Perry) a few carries, Ka’Deem (Carey) a few carries, and Jordan (Lynch) a few carries. I’m not sure whether we did enough with Michael (Ford). We wanted to give each guy a few touches. I think we came close to doing that, but we didn’t have a pass-run ratio, and we really never do. It’s just how the game goes."

On the special teams errors

“I think you could say it was errors. To be specific, if you asked me Sunday I could tell you if they were mental errors. A lot of times on kickoffs it could be just one guy making errors by losing the edge or losing contain and that connects to the 10 other guys. There’s a lot of things special teams wise that we could look at and learn from.”

On what happened with communication early on

“It didn’t start off well. We had to take a timeout early. I don’t think I could do a very good job on answering that was question because there’s so many things going on. It could have been related to personnel. We’ll have to look at the film more to get a handle on it.”

On Chris Conte and Craig Steltz returning

“I think it’s very close. It could be as close as this week for both guys. I’m encouraged that we’ll see them soon. I don’t know exactly how close and putting a date would be misrepresenting how much I know about it at this time."

On injuries that occurred during the game

“I don’t have any information on Michael Ola. Brian (de la Puente) had a knee and we’ll see where he is once the doctors look at him. Chris Williams had a hamstring. So that’s where we are at with those guys.”

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