Bears/Jaguars Post-Game Quotes

Chicago Bears players and coaches discuss Thursday's 21-19 victory over the visiting Jacksonville Jaguars in the second preseason contest.


Opening Statement

“As I told our guys after the game, the Chicago Bears are made up of about 80 players and 80 players went out there to try to get better as a football team, and to try to win a game. And in the third and fourth quarter the guys are fighting to play on this football team and in the National Football League, tonight there were 31 other teams watching our guys play. Each and every guy will be evaluated thoroughly by other teams, not only by us, and they played with a sense of urgency. They overcame a lot of adversity throughout the game. The penalties, turnovers, a lot of bad things happened to the Bears tonight and they were able to play and overcome it and that was this game. Is it any indication of what’s ahead? Nobody knows for sure but it gives the guys some sense that they have been working very hard on a daily basis. They’re working hard during training camp, and that’s not going to change when we come back. They’re going to have a couple days to rest, and then we’re going to go back to work to try to improve our football team.”

On his first impressions of Jimmy Clausen

“For Jimmy, it was a very difficult night because the headsets went down, so there were three to five plays that it just became confusion and it just didn’t get us into the best place. He was trying to make something good out of a bad situation, and there wasn’t any way I could help him. So, I would say up to a half a dozen plays when Jimmy was in there, it was very difficult to evaluate. I’ll see more when we look at the tape. You never want to throw a pick, you don’t want to do that, but that was a play that he didn’t get to play as well, so to make that part of the evaluation, and I know that’s kind of where we’re going as we compare Jordan (Palmer) and Jimmy, I think it’s best to look at the tape, but I saw him make some very good throws as well. I saw the throw he made to Josh Morgan on the sideline, so we’ll look at it. So it’s difficult to assess and compare until I look at the tape.”

On his decision to leave Clausen in with the first line

“It was more about just taking Jay (Cutler) out. We had known going in that we were probably going to leave the line out there another series, we just wanted to give them a little more work so that was planned. It wasn’t keep the first line in because Jimmy was in, it was more keep the first line in because we wanted to give them more work.”

On updates regarding the injuries of Kyle Fuller and Zach Miller?

“We’ll know a lot more tomorrow. They’re being checked out right now and we’ll see where they are tomorrow. I’ll have more definitive information for you at the press conference tomorrow.”

On Willie Young’s injury

“It’s really a non-issue. He had a little bruise on his knee. Nothing serious, and hopefully he’ll be back to work next week.”

On why there were so many penalties and if that was just pre-season or if it is a point of emphasis from the league

?“I think the league is certainly trying to make an emphasis. Just talking to officials, without going into too much detail, it just doesn’t seem to be mutually exclusive in our last two games. It appears that it is happening in other places. I’m not keeping an eye on it, but it appears to be happening that way, and we’ll just have to see how this whole thing evolves in the next couple weeks as the preseason ends. A lot of penalties, and we’ve got to assess ours. There has just been points of emphasis that the league is trying to look at. Hands to the face, grabbing jerseys, illegal contact, I don’t’ know how many there were tonight but there was certainly more than one, so we’ll need to take a look at that and we’ve got to coach through those things.”

On his initial assessment of the first touchdown drive as a whole

“It all starts with the offensive line, because there was tremendous protection. If Jay is sitting there on a third down, he had a long time to sit in there. He was very comfortable. You don’t get that much time normally. The line did a great job there and it allowed Martellus (Bennett) to get open. On the touchdown pass, it was really the same thing. The buzzer had gone off in seconds and again Jay moved in the pocket, but he felt comfortable enough to stay in and allow Brandon (Marshall) to get open. I think we felt good and again, two weeks in a row, where we are protection- wise. We’re certainly going to be tested with in the noise next week. We’re excited to go out there and play now that this one is over, but we’re not going to take away from the fact that we still have a lot of work to do. We’re still going to get three days of practice. We’ll take them one day at a time, and will work to continue to improve our football team.”

On if he has any concerns around how the running game is currently doing

“We haven’t been productive. Certainly we had a few more runs with the seconds tonight and thirds tonight than we did with the firsts. We’re working hard every day. We’re playing against a very good front during practice, but we haven’t shown that productivity. We hope that’s not an indication. We feel strongly that we’re going to be able to run the ball effectively, but we have not done that in the first two editions of pre-season.”

On his evaluation of the return game

“Again, it’s tough to tell. Tomorrow I could give you a better assessment. We certainly didn’t’ see much in the return game. We had the turnover, but more than that we haven’t seen anything in the return game. It’s been pretty much a catch and a stop, so we’ve got to look into that as well. We went into the night trying to get more clarification to where our core eight players would be. And with our return game, I’m not sure where we are. I’ll have a better idea tomorrow.”

On his feelings toward Jared Allen’s performance

“Again, tomorrow I can give a better indication, but I saw Jared run to the football hard on a couple of occasions, and I’m sure there was more than one. And I saw a pass rush. Again tomorrow, I think I can give a clear indication but I felt good about it in the times I was looking at it.”

On how he feels about Brandon Marshall doing the Showtime show

“I trust Brandon. I trust him to make decisions that are in the best interests of the team first. I trust Brandon and I know he’ll do that. So, I have complete faith that football has always come first to him and I believe he’ll work it out that it won’t distract him from doing his job.”

On if he’s afraid that Brandon (Marshall) and others may face similar hits to the one suffered by Marquess (Wilson)

"It's pat of the pre-season. We want to get them through healthy. There's no doubt about it. We didn't have him on the field very long. Tonight we had him out two drives. This week, we haven't had men on the field very long. Every team is working through the same issues. They've got to get at least enough work to get them through the season and they need to do it together, so we're holding our breath like every coach in the league does. When we talk before the games we say, 'keep them healthy.' We want to be able to take our teams into the season healthy and hopefully we will."

On if there is any chance that Chris Williams will return

“He’s day-to-day but we’re encouraged. I think we’ll see that when we get back to work next week that hopefully he’ll be ready, but it’s still day-to- day.”


On the development of the running game

“Running game usually takes a little more time to get in sync. We’re not really game planning exactly how we would during the year. Just kind of running some plays. We’ll get to where we need to be."

On the importance of getting reps with the 2nd and 3rd string

“During camp I work with the 2s a lot. I’ve taken more reps with the 2s this year than I ever have. I’ve got a good feel for those guys. At some point we’re definitely going to count on them.”

On whether he has a sense of who is playing their way onto the roster

“Yes, but I don’t make the final cut. I don’t know how it’s going to turn out.”

On whether it was tough today to get into an offensive rhythm

“Yeah, it was different. Three-and-out, and then to get back on the field with 30 seconds to go. Some games are like that. You never know how it’s going to turn out. We over-came a couple of third downs in the quarter, got into a little rhythm going so that was good.”

On what he works on when watching the 2nd and 3rd team offense

“Watching? Just try to get the play and go through the reads.”

On how he thought Clausen and Palmer played

“I think they had a few headset issues in the second half. So, on Jimmy [Clausen], he over-came it though. And Jordan [Palmer] with the game-winning drive. Those guys are playing well, battling. It’s probably going to come down to that last preseason game. They both practice well. They’re both over-coming adversity in practice from time to time. They’re preparing really hard. I’m glad I don’t have to make the decision.” On how he feels the battle for the third WR is shaping up “It’s tough. It’s tough. That’s another tough one. We’ve got a lot of guys battling it out for that spot. We’ll probably mix it up a little bit next game and just put some different combos out there just to see how everyone feels and how everyone works together. Once again, you’ve got a bunch of guys working really hard, a bunch of guys that have practiced really well.”

On whether he’s excited to be done with camp and get back to Halas Hall

“I’m excited to get back home. I think everyone is ready to go home. I think the first week of camp usually goes by pretty quick. Then it gets pretty slow. We’re excited to get back, I think we have Saturday off and then we’ll get back at it on Sunday. We’ve got a big week next week, go to Seattle, go through the week of practice, all the adversity that comes with travelling and playing in the noise.”

On the benefits of playing a road game and playing in Seattle

“It will be huge. Just for us to go through the motions of travelling, of going through the game-plan week. And then semi-preparing for an opponent and then going out there and working on a silent counts against a really good defense. Obviously a really good team, Super Bowl champions last year. It will be a good test to see where we’re at offensively, defensively and special teams.”


On the focus of these preseason games

“To get a lot of reps. First and foremost, to go out there and get a win with the guys we have on the field. I think we have a lot of depth, and I think it showed out there tonight, even through the fourth quarter.”

On tonight’s game

“It was great to see everyone get out there and to see what we’re working with. I think guys did a great job at stepping in at all three phases. Even coming down to that two-minute drill at the end of the game. It’s the kind of thing we work on all of the time. So, to see it come through in the game and get the win is huge.”


On the progression of the offense

“I feel like in practice we’re getting better. We try to take practice to the games and build on it – stack each game and get better every game.”

On whether he feels he has earned a spot on this team

“No, not at all. We’re still working. We still have two preseason games. Anything can happen. I stack practices and try to stack the games in the same way I stack practices. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing, understand my playbook, and know where to be... It’s not my job to lose because I don’t have it. So, there’s nothing to lose.”


On the missed sack opportunity

“I’ll have to take a look at it. I thought I had the quarterback lined up, and he kind of bailed out of there, and I thought the tackle kind of threw me on the ground. I’ll have to go look at it to see. You know, that’s the toughest part of transitioning from training camp into a real game; we have to run by the quarterback in camp. I’ll have to look at the play though. In my opinion, I think I got dumped. We’ll see what happened. I probably just missed him.”

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