No changes to Bears coaching staff

The Chicago Bears have lost three games in a row, and four of their last five, yet as far as the coaching staff is concerned, Marc Trestman says everyone’s job is safe.

The Chicago Bears are coming off one of the most embarrassing losses in team history, yet head coach Marc Trestman said he will not be making changes to his coaching staff.

“There will not be any [changes] at this time,” Trestman said today.

The 55-14 loss to the Green Bay Packers comes on the heels of the 51-23 defeat to the New England Patriots in Week 8. The Bears are now only the second team in NFL history to allow 50 or more points in consecutive contests.

The defense last year finished dead last against the run for the first time in franchise history, and are currently giving up franchise highs in completion percentage, passing yards per game and TD/INT ratio.

As a result of the defensive futility, folks are calling for the head of coordinator Mel Tucker. Yet, as inexplicable as it seems to most, Tucker still has full support from his head coach.

“I watch him work every day. I watch him communicate with these players. I watch him work on the field with these players. To me he's doing everything he can under the circumstances to coach, to teach and to lead that side of the ball, and he's got a very good staff with him,” Trestman said. “They're great teachers, they're veteran coaches who have been in a lot of situations, as Mel has. He's been through these types of things, and I feel very confident that he's doing the things that he can do to help us go forward.”

The club’s special teams have also been sub-par the past two seasons, yesterday’s 101-yard kickoff TD by Chris Williams not withstanding, which also has many calling for the head of special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis. Others want quarterbacks coach Ken Kavanaugh to get his walking papers, as Jay Cutler has regressed dramatically this season.

That won’t be happening, at least not for now.

“I’ve stood behind the guys that are working here because I’ve been around a lot of coaches over the years,” Trestman said. “I know guys that do it for the right reasons, that are great educators and teachers, are demanding—which our coaches are. They’re extremely demanding on the field and in the classroom. I think we’ve got excellent coaches here.”

While the coaching staff is safe, Trestman did imply there could be upcoming changes to the depth chart.

“We're going to talk. We're certainly going to talk personnel,” Trestman said. “The guys are getting in late, they're still looking at the tape. I haven't had a chance to even engage them because things have moved so quickly this morning, but we will, we certainly have to. We're going to look at everything as a starting point moving into Wednesday.”

Those changes won’t include Cutler, who isn’t in any danger of being benched despite leading the league in turnovers (15).

“I think the biggest thing is that Jay has got to play better. He didn’t play well enough yesterday and we didn’t play well enough and I’m certain that he’d take accountability for that,” said Trestman. “But it’s very clear he didn’t play well enough yesterday. We can’t sugarcoat that.

“Certainly we know that Jay’s not comfortable with the way he played yesterday. No doubt about it. I think that we all have to do better. I know it starts with the quarterback. It always does. But there are a lot of things that have to get done before something like [benching Cutler] would be a consideration.”

On a day when many felt there would be groundbreaking news from Halas Hall, it was another ho-hum press conference from Trestman, who so far has guided the team through three straight losses to a 3-6 record.

Business as usual.

Nothing to see here.



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