Aaron Kromer: “I made a very poor decision”

Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer says he regrets criticizing Jay Cutler through the media.

Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer criticized quarterback Jay Cutler through the media this week, saying the team has “buyer’s remorse” for signing him to an expensive, long-term deal this past offseason.

In speaking with the media today, Kromer was apologetic for his recent actions.

"I made a very poor decision talking about things outside the building,” Kromer said. "I wish I wouldn't have made that mistake.”

Kromer said he spoke with the team and with Cutler personally following the incident.

“We worked it out together. The rest will be handled internally."

For his part, Cutler was very forgiving of Kromer.

“We've all made mistakes. I've said things I wish I could take back. That's what happened here,” Cutler said. "In the offensive room, it's a dead issue.”

For Cutler, the manner in which Kromer handled the situation – addressing the team and admitting his mistake – made dealing with it much easier.

"The way he approached us and addressed the issue kind of cleared the air going forward,” said Cutler. “You could really feel he was sorry. The situation got the better of him."

While he’s forgiven Kromer, Cutler admitted some guys might not be as quick to put the incident behind them.

"Some guys move on faster than others,” Cutler said. “Some guys might not trust again after this situation."

Cutler sees this incident as one the team can build on going forward.

"I wish more guys were like that. I wish more guys communicated like that because now it's out in the open,” he said. "I think the foundation [of the team] can be strengthened by this."



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