Tayo Fabuluje Scouting Report

In-depth scouting analysis of Chicago Bears sixth-round offensive lineman Tayo Fabuluje from NFL Scout Dave-Te' Thomas.


Offensive Guard/Tackle
Texas Christian University Horned Frogs
6-6, 353
Euless, Texas
Brigham Young University
Oak Ridge High School
Euless Trinity High School


More than anything, teams need to be convinced that Chicago Bears offensive lineman Tayo Fabuluje’s head is in the game and his history of quitting and transferring are major red flags. Other cautions are popping up based on his massive weight gain in one season away from the game. His minor injury issues prevented him from participating fully at the NFL Scouting Combine, and he further frustrated league decision makers with his poor performance in the bench press test during TCU’s recent Pro Day.

Fabuluje's future might be on the interior offensive line, a conversion made by a similarly-sized former college tackles over the years. He can use his large frame at guard, where he wouldn't worry about getting beat by elite NFL defensive ends as he would playing on the edge. He is relatively nimble for his size, but there are concerns about his ability to handle speed rushers, especially with his marginal speed (5.55 in the 40-yard dash) and wide girth (360 pounds in 2014).

While Fabuluje is difficult for college strong-side ends to get around, he is not the most technique-sound blocker you will find. He takes short steps off the line, can backpedal when necessary to cut off blitzing linebackers, but lacks even adequate lateral movement to jar the defensive end. He does show the ability to jab with one hand while blocking down to double-team defensive tackles.

Still, Fabuluje allows defenders too far into his body instead of extending his arms to lock them out. He has a strong second punch, but it takes some time to land it. He bends at the waist and takes time to recover if punched. Because of his excess weight, he lines up in a two-point stance even when his teammates have their hands down because he'll struggle to maintain contact off the snap. He will often push off when his opponent tries to disengage, instead of keeping his feet moving to sustain.

As a drive blocker, Fabuluje has the prototypical size to drive defenders off the line. He does use that big body to seal the edge and wall off inside rushing lanes, but does not consistently get his hands up to manhandle smaller players he should dominate. Even with his poor weight room performance, he is strong enough to anchor vs. the bull rush from bigger defensive linemen and turn them out of the hole. He needs to get out of his three-point stance more quickly, but might be more explosive when lined up closer to the ball inside.

Fabuluje demonstrates fairly quick feet, which allow him to create holes when trapping inside, but his ability to pull around the line is limited. He is tough for defenders to shed, but a lack of flexibility prevents him from hitting targets in space or reacting quickly to inside defenders. He has only marginal initial quickness and often comes off the snap late. The quick defensive ends can beat him outside, especially when the quarterback takes a five- or seven-step drop.

Fabuluje can land a strong punch, but is slow to get his hands up to control his opponent.

He can reach linebackers at the second level when he gets out of his stance quickly, but at that level, he often fails to hit targets, only getting a hand on them instead of engulfing them with his size. Defenders often deflect off of his blocks to make plays.


2014 Season…Could not complete agility tests at the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine due to a right should sprain and a left hip flexor injury.


5.55 in the 40-yard dash…1.93 10-yard dash…3.16 20-yard dash…4.77 20-yard shuttle… 29 ½-inch vertical jump…8’-02” broad jump…Bench pressed 225 pounds 16 times…34-inch arm length…9 7/8-inch hands…82 ¼-inch wingspan.


Fabuluje is majoring in major is psychology…Son of Debra and Olutayo Fabuluje…Born in Lagos, Nigeria...Resides in Euless, Texas.



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