Jay Cutler suffers a pulled hamstring in Week 2 loss to the Cardinals

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler suffered a pulled hamstring in Sunday's Week 2 loss to the Cardinals.

The Chicago Bears today were pummeled by the Arizona Cardinals 48-23 at Soldier Field. Yet the worst news came after the game, when it was revealed by head coach John Fox that quarterback Jay Cutler has a pulled hamstring.

"It takes a while to run tests but at this point, he's got a pulled hamstring," said Fox.

Cutler was injured in the second quarter trying to tackle safety Tony Jefferson after he intercepted a pass intended for tight end Martellus Bennett. Fox said he had no problem with Cutler putting his body on the line attempting to bring down Jefferson - which he did not accomplish.

"They're competitors. Guys do that, I don't care what position it is," Fox said. "You prefer that they don't pull a hamstring or get injured but I would by no means tell a guy not to compete."

The interception came after Cutler tried to find Bennett on a hot route. Bennett ran five yards up the field, then turned back to the line of scrimmage. Cutler fired the pass but as he was releasing the ball, Bennett continued his crossing route and the pass flew right behind him and into the arms of Jefferson.

"I don't know what Cutty saw or what happened," Bennett said. "All I know is the ball was behind me."

It was obvious that Bennett and Cutler were not on the same page during the play.

"Any time you have an interception, there is always missed communication," said Bennett.

Jimmy Clausen replaced Cutler and completed 14 of 23 passes for 121 yards and an interception, yet he failed to get the offense into the end zone.

"It kind of got out of hand," Bennett said. "Losing Cutty kind of set us back. Losing Cutty at that point of the game was tough. It just got out of hand. We weren't really able to get into our game."

The severity of Cutler's injury, and how long the hamstring pull will keep him, is still unknown.

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