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Bears All-22 Lab: The Improvement of Kyle Fuller

Kyle Fuller has been very good the past three weeks. I break down All-22 game film to find out the areas of his game in which he's improved.

Over the past three weeks, Chicago Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller has been one of the NFL's top peformers at his position

I went to the All-22 game film to decipher the areas of his game in which he's improved the most. 

Play I

On this snap, Kenny Britt will run a 12-yard hitch route, turning back to the quarterback at the 33-yard line. Fuller is in man coverage. 

Fuller plants and breaks in unison with the receiver. 

Fuller closes and attempts to undercut the pass. 

He dives for the pass break up and just misses getting his hand on the ball. 

Fuller does enough to disrupt the pass attempt and the ball bounces off Britt's arms and to the ground. 

Analysis: Fuller reads this play well, sits in his stance and breaks hard on the ball. His acceleration and burst allow him to close ground in a hurry, putting him in position to make a play on the ball. This forces Britt into an uncomfortable postion and disrupts his view of the ball, and he's unable to make the grab. 

Play II

Brian Quick will run a skinny post outside the left hash. This is Cover 3 zone, with Fuller responsible for the deep left third. 

Fuller undercuts the pass attempt and is in position to make the interception, yet the ball is thrown three yards over the receiver's head. 

Analysis: This is just a display of athleticism. Fuller runs stride for stride with Quick, reads the pass and makes a play on the ball. Had Nick Foles put this anywhere near his receiver, the play would have resulted in Fuller's second interception of the season. 

Play III

Stefon Diggs uses a double move, working from a slant into an out route. Fuller is in man coverage and chases him inside. 

As Diggs cut back outside, notice Fuller sit in his stance as he transitions back toward the numbers. This allows him to keep well in range of the speedy wideout. 

Fuller again uses his burst and explosiveness to dive in front of the pass and knock the ball away. 

Analysis: Fuller here does a great job of tracking the receiver without overpursuing. He then shows great balance and elite speed in reversing field and breaking up the pass. This was arguably his most impressive snap of the past three weeks. 

Play IV

Not everything is right with Fuller though. He has still made his fair share of mistakes, which includes this play. The receiver will run a deep sideline route, breaking at the 26-yard line. 

Notice the five yards of separation Fuller gives up coming out of the break. The Bears were lucky on this snap that Foles threw an errant pass, otherwise it would have been a big gain for the Rams. 

Analysis: There were a handful of these type of plays in the film from the last three weeks. Fuller, who is still in just his second season, has much to improve on, particularly in terms of reacting to downfield breaks.


Play I

Chargers tight end Antonio Gates runs an intermediate hitch route. Fuller closes hard. 

Fuller drops the much larger tight end for no gain. 

Play II

Chargers WR Stevie Johnson runs a stop route at six yards. Fuller closes. 

Fuller makes the open field tackle, giving up no yards after the catch. 

Play III

Fuller is in man coverage on Rams WR Tavon Austin, who lines up in the H-back spot and clears from the backfield to the right flat. 

Fuller closes ground as Austin makes the catch. 

Fuller drops one of the speediest, most dynamic receivers in the NFL after a one-yard gain. 

Analysis: Fuller has always been willing and aggressive in run support but he's often lacked discipline as a tackler. Here we see his improvement, particularly in the open field against some receivers who are tough to bring down in their own way. What gives him the edge is his ability close ground in a heartbeat, which doesn't give the receivers sufficient time to make a move. It gives us a good snapshot of his all-around improvement over the past three weeks. 

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