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Bears Rookie Diary: Cornerback Jacoby Glenn

We sit down with Bears rookie cornerback Jacoby Glenn, who was elevated to the active roster this week.

The Chicago Bears signed Jacoby Glenn out of Central Florida as an undrafted free agent following the 2015 NFL Draft. HIs draft profile at sums up Glenn's game:

Thin cornerback who can be a ballhawk when he's in position, but he might have issues sticking with NFL speed. Glenn loves to play and brings everything he's got on every snap. His instincts aren't great, but are serviceable. His ability to tackle with consistency and challenge receivers at the point of contact.

Glenn stuck with the team through the preseason and was signed to the practice squad at the start of the regular season. This week, the Bears elevated Glenn to the active roster and he could see his first NFL regular-season action this weekend against the Denver Broncos.

We sat down with Glenn to discuss his journey to an active NFL roster spot.

"I’m so excited to have this opportunity to be on the regular roster. Really, it's a dream come true. I’ve been playing football since I was 5 years old and being in the NFL had always been my dream.

"I had a bit of a rough start when I first entered the NFL, not playing up to the level I thought I could be at. Although I had high hopes of making the roster back in September, I ended up on the practice squad initially, but I finally got the call to move up this week.

"To me that’s proof that somebody recognized that I put in a lot of effort and am ready to move forward with my career. I pride myself on being a hard worker with a true passion for the game. Football has meant a lot to me for many years. With this chance to succeed on the biggest stage, you can imagine it wouldn’t be an opportunity that I would be taking for granted.

"I played college ball for the University of Central Florida. I did well there and that is why NFL scouts knew about me. There was a lot of good game film to send around. As a sophomore in 2014 I was voted the co-defensive player of the year from the American Athletic Conference. It got me recognition beyond my immediate area.

"I played prep ball for Vigor High School in Prichard, Alabama. The interesting thing about that is that I believe there are 20 players in the NFL right now from that same school. How great is that? It was a great training program that served me well in college. Also, there were plenty of athletic role models for me to emulate while I was growing up.

"I left college early to go into the draft. It was a decision made jointly by my family and myself. We felt I had the maturity and the skills to make it at this level. My family was so excited when I called to tell them I’d made the roster. It's a validation of what we were all thinking about a year ago.

"Draft weekend was not fun as I didn’t get that call I had been hoping for, but I think it has all worked out well in the end. Chicago feels like the perfect fit for my talents. It's a great locker room atmosphere and the coaches are the best you could ever find.

"Coming in as an undrafted free agent does give you some extra pressure, as your job security seems a little shaky at first, but I like a challenge and I think in the long run having to prove myself has been a very good thing. I’ve built confidence in my abilities and I have the sense that I do belong here.

"When I was in college one of my favorite things to do in my free time was to work with kids, teaching them football or just taking them out to dinner. That is something I’d like to continue doing throughout my life. Helping somebody out a little bit can make a big difference. I know that when I was growing up there were people who helped me along the way. I remember that and appreciate it to this day.

"One of the most important things I learned from my college football program was the art of studying film. It's not like sitting there and watching a TV show or a movie. You need to understand what to look for. That skill has helped me prepare to succeed right now.

"I’ve spent considerable time this week, since learning I was on the roster, looking at Denver film. The thing that stands out to me is that just because a quarterback [Brock Osweiler] hasn’t played a lot, as would be the case when you are backing up Peyton Manning, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the skills or can’t surprise you. I’ve gone back through archives to find everything I can on Osweiler. It's important to understand and recognize his tendencies.

"Denver has a quick offense and some top receivers. I don’t predict a huge drop off without Manning in but I'm sure Peyton has been coaching Brock all along. Also speaking for myself, you'd be amazed how much a player can learn from standing on the sidelines watching during a game. I'm looking forward to this game. It will be a good test for me as a newer guy and for all of us in the secondary."

The forecast for this weekend is not great. Do you have any concerns about playing in snow?

"When I’m out on the field I’m concentrating so hard on the game there could be any weather extreme situation and I probably wouldn’t notice."

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