A Moment With Bears 1st Round Draft Choice

David Terrell caught 63 passes for 994 yards and 13 touchdowns last season for the Wolverines despite playing most of the year with a healing stress fracture in his right foot. The injury led to some extra pre-draft scrutiny, but it didn't keep Chicago from making him the first receiver selected (8th overall).

In three seasons at Michigan he caught 152 passes for 2,317 yards and 23 touchdowns. All three statistics put Terrell among the top wideouts in school history.

The 6-foot-3 receiver led the Bears in receptions during the preseason. Despite, missing a game due to a shoulder sprain. Terrell had ten catches for 89 yards and one touchdown.

The Bear Report editor Jason Klabacha recently sat down with Terrell to discuss his future with the Bears.

Q: Are you getting nervous about your fist NFL game?
"No, I'm not getting nervous. I'm just doing the same thing I've been doing my whole life just playing football. I just look at it like that."

Q: After missing part of mini-camp and then losing a preseason game to injury do you feel up to speed with the offense?
"Yeah, I got my guys around me they look out for me a lot. They make sure I know what's going on. On that hand I got everything I need. I'm mentally and physically ready to my job, so that's what I'm going to go out there and do."

Q: How much playing time do you anticipate getting against Baltimore?
"I'm going to play. I'm going to play a lot, so I don't know how much. I know when I get in I know I've got to do something."

Q: What do you envision yourself doing this season?
"I pretty much go out and play and let that speak for itself. I don't really get caught up in all that other stuff. When you allow yourself to get caught up in that then you take away from your game, so I just go out there and play my game. Once I play my game everybody else will see that. I've been doing that since Michigan. Just playing my football game and brining some excitement to the game."

Q: Do you have any specific goals?
"My goal this year is for the Bears to be a winning team and to do whatever it takes to get there. At this point, I don't have any specifics in mind for number of receptions or TD catches. I know those things will come if we're winning. I'll get just as much satisfaction out of a great block as I will from a touchdown catch."

Q: Do you feel pressure from the organization or fans to perfom being a high first round draft pick?
"The more the fans and the coaches expect from me, the better I feel. I'm glad they want me to put big numbers on the board. It doesn't bother me a bit. When you're picked where I was in the draft, people should expect a lot from you. I expect a lot from myself and I want to give the fans in Chicago something to feel good about. I love that kind of pressure."

Q: What does Marcus coming back mean to the team?
"It means a lot because he's a great receiver. He's the type of guy where the secondary has to think twice when he's out there. When you add that in with the other four receivers that could be a powerful mix."

Q: Has Robinson helped your development?
"Every chance he gets to give me a pointer here or a pointer there he does that. I'm grateful for it and I thank him for it. Really I'm just trying to make this transition from the college to the NFL a little bit easier. I'm going through things they've already went through. Everything from lining up right to going out there and running route or blocking right or release moves."

Q: What's the hardest thing about the transition?
"Just getting out there and playing. Feeling free."

Q: "Has the speed of the game been an adjustment?"
"Pretty much after the first three preseason games that I played I've seen the speed of the game. I've seen how fast the drops are for linebackers and how fast the safety comes down. Right now I just got to get out there and play. I'm just very excited to go out there and play my first game and prove what I can do."

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