Statements From The NFL

NFL statement on the status of this weekend's games:

"We expect to announce a decision as soon as possible within the next 24 hours. We are continuing to assess the situation and discuss it with many people, both inside and outside the NFL."

"Regarding Sunday's games, we will make no decision today [Tuesday]. We'll gather information and speak to several parties within the next 24 to 48 hours." — NFL spokesman Joe Browne

"We are shocked and saddened by today's horrible events. It is a national tragedy and our thoughts are with the victims and their families. We will continue to monitor the league's position through the NFL office in New York." — Titans owner K.S. "Bud" Adams, Jr.

"As we remember those who have suffered a loss, we must also support and pray for our nation's leaders and all of our military personnel. Our country needs all of its people to come together in full support of our leadership and of our military forces in this critical time." — Jaguars head coach Tom Coughlin

"Our prayers, and I'm sure everyone else's, are with everybody involved with this horrible national tragedy." — Cardinals head coach Dave McGinnis

"During this time of tragedy, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this terrible event. We are in contact with the NFL regarding the decision-making process surrounding this weekend's games, and until we have a definitive word from the league, as difficult as it may be, our staff is preparing to play this Sunday." — Dolphins president Eddie Jones

"In answer to press inquiries, we will proceed with game preparations until further notice from the NFL Office. Obviously, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of these terrible tragedies across our country. We are praying for the safety, health and recovery of all of our fellow Americans." — Colts president Bill Polian

"Today has been a very bleak day in our country. The thoughts and prayers of the Buffalo Bills organization are with the victims of this senseless tragedy. We all wish that there was something we could do to help. The NFL has indicated to us that a decision would be made over the next 48 hours with regard to this week's games." — Bills president and general manager Tom Donahoe

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