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Leonard Floyd's weight will be a long-term project for the Chicago Bears

Getting Leonard Floyd to a comfortable playing weight, and keeping him there, will be an ongoing, long-term process for the Chicago Bears.

Leonard Floyd, the most recent Chicago Bears first-round pick, weighed 235 his junior year at Georgia. That won't be good enough to play outside linebacker in the NFL.

"I believe that they want me to gain," Floyd said today. 

GM Ryan Pace said yesterday he'd like Floyd to play in the "240s", which is clearly a weight Floyd can reach, as he tipped the scales at 244 during the scouting combine and then 248 at his pro day.

Yet keeping that weight is a whole other animal.

"I lose most of my weight during sleep. So I can’t pretty much help it," said Floyd. "Yeah, it’s pretty hard."

Floyd's pro day was March 16. In the six plus weeks since, he's lost eight pounds.

"I'm at 240 right now," he said.

Despite his clear ability to shed weight without effort, Floyd doesn't believe gaining and retaining weight will be a problem during his pro career.

"I can get the job done with the staff we have here with the Bears," he said. "They believe in me and I believe in them. So we can get the job done.”

Following his sophomore season, Floyd had surgery on both of his shoulders, which didn't allow him to weight train or add bulk during the off-season. In essence, he hasn't had a full off-season since his freshman year. Now that he's healthy, he believes he can now focus solely on building mass.

"Yes sir. We’ve definitely talked about that, me not having a full off-season, getting in a weight room program, things like that, because I was always limited coming out of my surgeries on my shoulders.”

In gaining nearly 10 pounds before the combine, Floyd said his secret was oatmeal.

“Oatmeal. Peanut butter and jelly. Grapes. Oranges. Try to stay in that area," he said. "Especially the oatmeal. You’ve got to keep the oatmeal.”

Floyd has speed and explosiveness but his lack of bulk and playing strength was evident on film. To play at a high level in the NFL, he'll need to increase both his size and strength, which will be no easy task for a player of his build.


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