Slipping into obscurity

<!--Default NodeId For Roosevelt Williams is 722139,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:722139]>Roosevelt Williams</A> is remembered for one play in his short NFL career. With nothing but open field in front of him, Williams looked like he was running in mud and was eventually caught from behind by the Packers <!--Default NodeId For Javon Walker is 721676,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:721676]>Javon Walker</A>.

The play turned the game around and has tormented Williams ever since.

"My main focus right now is on quickness and reaction time," Williams said. "I talked about that quite a bit last year. The speed of the pro game is just so different from what it was in college."

Coming out of Tuskegee the jump in the level of competition overwhelmed Williams at times. His progress was also slowed by an ankle injury in training camp, which forced him to miss part of the preseason schedule and limited practice time.

"I feel that I've comeback completely from last year's leg injury," Williams said. "It took a while to return to feeling 100 percent. This year, I feel that my speed has returned and I'm ready to show everybody just what I can do."

So far, it hasn't made an impact on the Bears coaching staff.

During Dick Jauron's Tuesday press conference, the team's secondary came up. Jauron went through practically ever member of the group except Williams.

What does it mean?

Jauron could have simply forgot. Although it wasn't a good sign when Jauron mentioned players like Jason Goss, Teddy Gaines and Eric Joyce, any of which will be lucky to make the practice squad let alone the 53-man roster, and left Williams out.

Williams was to compete with Charles Tillman and Todd McMillon for the nickel role. Tillman and McMillon have left Williams behind with their play in practice and the preseason opener.

It would be a stretch to cut a 2002 third-round pick, but if he doesn't pick up his play over the next three weeks then he could find himself on the waiver wire.

"I think that you always feel pressure of one sort or another," Williams said of his situation. "That's part of the game. But it surely hasn't hurt my confidence at all. If anything, it's made me want to work harder to prove what I can do. I plan on being out there and making an impact this season."

Whether it'll be in a Bears uniform remains a question.

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