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Chicago Bears Film Review: Leonard Floyd & Cornelius Washington Pt. II

Detailed film analysis of first-round rookie OLB Leonard Floyd and fourth-year DE Cornelius Washington from the Chicago Bears preseason opener.


Play VI

This will be a zone stretch run to the left side. Cornelius Washington (red) is lined up at the weak-side defensive end position. 

Washington immediately gains inside leverage and fires into the backfield, carrying the RT on his back. 

Washington closes in a heartbeat and crashes into the running back three yards behind the line of scrimmage. 

Analysis: Here again we see Washington abusing a one-on-one block before blowing a play up in the backfield. For most of this contest, Washington was a man among boys. 

Play VII

Leonard Floyd comes off the right edge against Denver backup RT Darrion Weems. 

Here is the mesh point in Floyd's rush. He now has Weems moving backward, momentum Floyd will soon exploit. Notice his outside foot firmly planted in the turf. 

Floyd fires off his outside plant foot and uses a quick swim move to shoot inside. Notice Weems, who cannot handle Floyd's quickness, is about to fall on his face. 

Analysis: This is a quick pass, so Floyd doesn't affect the play but this snap gives us a great glimpse of his overall quickness and outstanding change-of-direction ability. Floyd's overall athleticism was very impressive in his first NFL outing. 


Here we have Floyd (blue) in the rover position, lined up B gap right in a two-point stance. Washington (red) is lined up in a Wide 9 defensive end position. 

Washington uses his burst and power to turn the corner, while Floyd executes a cross stunt, swinging behind DL Jonathan Bullard to crash the opposite gap. 

Analysis: This package doesn't result in a QB pressure but it's a closer look at how Floyd and Washington can be used in multiple roles. Expect to see Floyd in the rover position on a handful of snaps each game this year, where the Bears believe he can fully utilize his quickness and versatility. 

Play IX

This play will be a zone run right. Keith Browner (purple) is the play-side DE, while Washington (red) is lined up on the back side. 

Browner executes a deft swim move and is able to split a double team at the point of attack. Washington is locked up with his blocker. 

Browner penetrates into the backfield, which forces the running back to cut back. Notice Washington has extended his arms, creating the separation he'll need to shed the block. 

The running back cuts inside of Browner where Washington, who has discarded the blocker, is waiting for him. 

Washington closes like a bullet and delivers a crushing blow at the line of scrimmage. The play goes for a one-yard gain. 

Analysis: Browner is buried on the depth chart but he's performed well in training camp and had a strong showing the preseason opener. He's a prime candidate for the practice squad. On this snap, Washington again easily powers through a block attempt and then closes like an uncaged bull on the ball carrier. 

Play X

Our final snap features Washington in another one-on-one situation. Notice his forward lean and pad level at the snap. 

Washington uses a quick stutter step, swats away the blocker's hands and rips through the inside gap. QB Paxton Lynch hasn't even dropped back fully and Washington is already three yards in the backfield. 

Washington closes on the quarterback and takes him down for the sack. 

Analysis: This is an impressive set of clips for Washington, who was by far the best Bears defender in the preseason opener. Unfortunately he left the game with ankle and knee injuries and won't play in the second preseason contest against the New England Patriots. That's a shame, as he was playing like a man possessed. If he can recover quickly and stay off the injury report, which has been a challenge for him his entire career, Washington has the potential to be an impact player for Chicago's defense this season. 


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