On the positive side

Although the Bears starting offense seems to have left more questions than answers after their two mediocre preseason outings against the Colts and the Broncos, WR <!--Default NodeId For Dez White is 722186,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:722186]>Dez White</A> remains relatively unconcerned about the lack of production thus far.

"I don't see a problem at all," White said. "The coaches have a lot of tricks up their sleeves. These are the plays that we are working on right now. You can be sure that we aren't going to show other teams what we have at this point in the season."

White feels that the level of competition among the receivers will prove to be a positive factor as cuts draw nearer.

"Sure, there are a lot of players trying for this position right now. Everybody is trying to get noticed, trying to make an impact. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I see guys all around me making good plays. That tells me that I need to step up my performance level as well. Whatever improves each player has to be a positive overall for the team once these games begin to count."

While White felt that he had a positive training camp experience, he is glad to be back at Halas Hall working out in familiar surroundings.

"In terms of the day to day routine, there isn't really that much difference between being in Bourbonnais and being here. But I do think that the players are happy to be back home. It will really be good not to travel to every single game this year. That was somewhat disruptive during the last season."

How is the offense adjusting to quarterback Kordell Stewart?

"Kordell is picking up everything quite well and we feel comfortable with that. We certainly aren't slowing things down just because we have a new quarterback. Kordell has been around. He communicates well and he knows what to do."

White admits that there is an adjustment period as Stewart's style is creates alterations in the overall offensive scheme.

"Of course, it's quite different from the type of play that we had with Jim Miller. Jim tended to stay in the pocket. You usually had a pretty good idea where he would be and you reacted accordingly. With Kordell, you have a more mobile quarterback. The offense needs to stretch out the field for him so we can take advantage of that mobility. We have more possibilities right now. Three and outs are something we don't want to see. It's time to be making some dramatic yardage."

Any other considerations that need to be taken into account?

"I am finding that I need to be alert all of the time," White said. "You can run down the field ready to make a big play, then turn to find that Kordell is taking off with the ball. There's not a lot of time to react, so you dig in fast and throw those blocks for him. It's interesting to watch the other team's defensive backs when that happens. It gives them a lot more to worry about and takes some of the pressure off of our receivers."

White feels that the number of options now available to the offense should make a difference in the outcome of upcoming games.

"The preseason is the preseason. Some things work and some things don't. Sure, we'd like to have had better results to far but we aren't giving up when the regular season hasn't even begun. It's all about running plays and getting those first downs. That's how you're going to score. Our goal since training camp began is to try a lot of different plays. We want to keep the defense guessing. You'll see some things from us that you might not have seen for a while. We're looking forward to a very productive season."

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