Limitless potential

For better or worse, <!--Default NodeId For David Terrell is 722209,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:722209]>David Terrell</A> has not changed.

"I'm going to always be me, and 'me' is being a flamboyant, cocky guy that puts myself on the line," the third-year wide receiver said. "That's who I am and that's what I'm always going to be."

The problem is that, to this point, the eighth overall pick in the 2001 draft hasn't come close to being all that he's expected to be on the football field. Terrell says it's because he's been kept down by a lack of opportunity.

After a rookie season in which he caught 34 passes for 415 yards and four touchdowns, Terrell caught just nine passes for 127 yards in five games last year before a fractured left foot ended his season. Three of his receptions went for touchdowns, including game winners the first two weeks of the season, the first one with 28 seconds left.

"I can only do what's given to me," Terrell said. "I had one ball thrown to me Minnesota week (the season opener); I made that happen. I had three or four balls thrown to me Buffalo week (3 catches for 23 yards in Week Four); I made it happen. Green Bay week (3 catches, 77 yards) I had three balls thrown to me; I made it happen."

His 52-yard reception vs. the Packers was the play on which Terrell was injured. Now he's back, hungrier than ever for the ball and a starring role.

Terrell wants a bigger role in the offense, even though Marty Booker, with 197 catches over the past two seasons, is entrenched as the Bears' go-to wideout.

"Whatever," Terrell said. "I don't even care. I never played second fiddle to nobody, and I'm not going to start playing second fiddle. Last year I played second fiddle, and when my time came, I made it happen.

"Right now all I'm doing is practicing and preparing myself for the game, and I'm gonna do that, and I'm going to win. I'm going to win no matter what. I'm always going to come out on top no matter what."

General manager Jerry Angelo believes Terrell will succeed with that mindset, as long as he doesn't become fixated on outside distractions.

"If he just concentrates, runs his routes right and catches the football," Angelo said, "he'll be a great player."

Terrell thinks he may have been short-changed in the offense last season because he didn't have a strong rapport with quarterback Jim Miller.

"You have to have a relationship with your quarterback," Terrell said. "I guess me and Jim Miller didn't have one, (but) he ain't here now. He's a good quarterback and I never had a problem with him at all. If Jim Miller didn't have confidence in me, I still had confidence in him. And I still came through for him, so it doesn't really matter to me."

Backup quarterback Chris Chandler connected twice with Terrell in the preseason opener for a team-best 23 yards. Chandler says he's confident throwing to the 6-foot-3, 215-pound Terrell.

"I don't know anybody who wouldn't be," Chandler said. "He's one of the bigger receivers in captivity. He's big, he's strong, he makes great catches. He's a huge target to throw to. If you get a chance to throw the ball up in the air to David, you're probably going to come down with a reception. He'll make a lot of big plays for us."

But only if he gets the chance. Terrell hopes it happens more with Stewart and Chandler than it did with Miller and Shane Matthews.

"Kordell's here now, so hopefully we can get it rockin' and rollin'," Terrell said. "The thing is going out there and getting wins, knowing what guys will go out there and get the job done for you. I want to go out there and start. I want to be the man. But I want to help this team win over anything.

"I want to go out there and start. I want to go out there and catch the football and score touchdowns and bring some excitement to the game. That's what I want to do, and that's what I'm going to do."

Terrell's mantra hasn't changed since he was drafted. This year he hopes his contribution to the team does.

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