Q&A with Todd McMillon

<!--Default NodeId For Todd McMillon is 722205,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:722205]>Todd McMillon</A> is in his fourth year with the Bears and is looking to make an impact in the secondary. The veteran cornerback already has an interception return for a touchdown in the preseason and he's looking to build off his early success.

Q: What can you do on the field?
A: "Everything except, the main thing I am trying to concentrate on this year is catching the ball and being a sure handed DB.

Q: How are you getting along with Charles Tillman?
A: He's a good dude, it's fun having a rookie back there so you can tease him.

Q: How does it feel to be a part of such a storied franchise?
A: It feels good, its great playing professional football and being able to play for the Bears #1 a great historic teams, it's a blessing

Q: What's it like after last year having such a bad year?
A: It was rough coming in and watching film after each game on Sunday and watching us lose, some of the games barely losing and things like that. It's rough when you have a losing season it's not only rough for the players, it's rough for the coaches and everybody in the front office. Everybody feels that pain when you are not winning.

Q: What was missing from last year?
A: A lot of people got hurt last year, and I think the nucleus is still here and now with everyone being healthy and everybody gelling together it should be a good year for us."

Q: How nice will it be to return to Chicago and not have to take that three-hour bus ride to Champaign?
A: That's going to be the best feeling not having to live out of your bag every weekend and just go out there and get down to the city later on instead of having to bus from Halas Hall on Saturday, it's a good relief.

Q: Are you happy not to be playing on Astroturf?
A: That's way better, when I was younger I liked playing on the turf, now that I am older, I love the grass.

Q: Are the coaches taking it easier on the team during preseason workouts after all the injuries last year?
A: He's (Dick Jauron) just taking real good care of us, certain practices pads, one practice shorts. He's not grinding us, he's helping us get fresh and it helps us prevent injuries so we don't go into the games fatigued. That's the way players look at it, as a gift from Jauron.

Q: There's a lot of talk regarding Coach Jauron's 5th year with the team is there any talk before the season starts of what you need to do for him to keep his job?
A: "We know what needs to happen as players. Having a disappointing year last year, we know this year what we need to do. We just need to go out here and play, as a team as players, there's no excuses"

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