WATCH: Chicago Bears Week 3 Postgame Press Conferences

Chicago Bears head coach John Fox and quarterback Brian Hoyer discuss Sunday's 31-17 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Plus full-text transcripts from Fox and Bears players below.

John Fox

On overview on the struggles of the offense 

“As a football team I can’t really say what side is struggling just yet. I think we were kind of reversed this week. It was a very poor first half. I thought we got better in the second half. The bad thing about the first three games, is we can’t put a complete game together. We’ve been on the road twice, once at home, that’s very hard. At this stage all I know is that It’s not going well. You either give up or give in or just give it your all. We’ve got the right guys in that locker room and I think we’ll improve for it.” 

On the role having key guy injured for this game 

“It’s not an excuse but it is an excuse. It is what it is. I thought we brought some guys in that would help with this game, and I thought it brought some of them some key time and that will help moving forward.” 

On QB Brian Hoyer’s performance 

“I thought it was good. All parts were alive, we pass protected better. We are still hit and miss with the run game. We’d pop a big run, then we’d lose minus two. I think there are some new guys in the new block, from the tight end position all the way across to the offensive line. It’s not an excuse. Guys are learning what we are doing, learning how to play with one another. As far as execution in that position. It’s pretty cool for that to work smooth. I thought we protected the pass a lot better. I can see why we did, just watching the game.” 

On the team’s third down possession and his thoughts 

“I know in the first half our offense didn’t get a go and our defense couldn’t stop them. I don’t they punted in the first half and their yardage was nearly double. That’s how they were able to get 24 points. We got to get better. For the last two weeks we’ve been better in the second half.” 

On giving more detail on the call of the onside kick 

"From the box it was really close and it wasn’t going to be reversible.” 

On how frustrating it is to have a play that couldn’t turn it for them 

“All you can do is say, ‘well we got to re-kick it.’ We had the opportunity to recover it, and obviously we couldn’t recover. We’ll look at it, we’ll send it to the league like we always do.” 

On the overall defensive performance 

“Not very good. Not long enough to win. Anytime you give up 31, it’s not good enough. We have to look at that hard and over teach on how to do it and just get better.” 

On how to keep the team from spiraling after an 0-3 start 

“The guys we have in that locker room, we picked them for a reason. That’s just how the ball bounces.” 

On the second time they have faced a rookie quarterback and his thoughts on Dak Prescott 

“He’s (Dak) has operated well, they do a good job of keeping it kind of tight. He’s got a good supporting cast. That ‘s very talented offense, and through all the position groups. I thought he executed well.” 

On RB Jordan Howard’s performance 

“It’s the same thing I have seen. A young guy, learning how to figure out our system and play better. I think he’s done well with and he’ll continue to improve.” 

On characterizing his sense of frustration right now 

“I think the truth of it is that in this game, you’ve got to win. It’s not a whole lot of fun when you lose. I joke even in the media, price is our carnival, through the old victory of agony and defeat. That’s what we do. It is what is. We’re in three games and we’ve got 13 left to go. We’ll see how it goes.” 

Brian Hoyer

Any way to put your finger on the struggles generating any offense early tonight? 

No, I think we’ve got to go back and watch the film. We’ve just got to start executing plays better. I think back in the first [period] we had a penalty which pushed us back, a few other drives that stalled out. We’ve got to do a better job of trying to stay on the field longer, give our defense some rest on the sideline and figure it out. We’ve got to go watch the film. I think the one thing that I’ll say is to see the resilience in the room, to come back out down 24-3 at halftime and just keep battling. It’s good to see that we have that perseverance, even in tough times. 

Was that your biggest takeaway from tonight? 

Yeah, there are no moral victories in this league. For us, we came in, we said, “Look, we’ve got two choices. We can either take it in and try get out of here as fast as we can or we can go out and just play the best we can, one play at a time. Don’t look at the scoreboard.” I think we did that to an extent. You can build on that. There are guys willing to go out there and play, put it on the line when things aren’t going real well. That’s something you can definitely build on. 

What was your anxiety level and what happened on that first play. It looked like there was a mix-up? 

It was kind of run-pass option and I probably should have given it. That’s something I definitely need to correct. We talk about early struggles, we just hand it off and see what Jeremy can do but it was a run-pass option. It’s on me and I should have handed the ball off. 

John Fox was saying he has the right guys in the locker room to turn things around. Who is speaking up? 

I’m going to keep that inside our locker room. I don’t think there’s any reason to start talking about that in the press. Like I said, we have guys in there who are willing to put it on the line when things aren’t going well. You’re sitting there at 0-2 and you’re down 24-3 at halftime, you see the true character of people. 

Third down was a problem area. What’s the key to becoming a more productive team on third down? 

Just executing. I think that’s really what it comes down to in this league, just going out and executing. We’ve got good plays schemed up. We’ve got good players. You’ve just got to go out and do it. 

Did you find a comfort level by the second half? 

Yeah, like I said, you’ve just got to go out there and play one play at a time, not try to do too much. Obviously try to get the ball down the field, get the ball moving a little bit. We had some success but obviously we need some more. 

On Zach Miller. 

On the touchdowns, they’re trying to take the option away on our double-route so Zach becomes a very viable option and comes away with two touchdowns. Zach’s a big target and he’s an athletic guy, so when they’re trying to take the outside guys away, he becomes a real viable option inside. 

Kyle Long

“It felt like we were on and off a lot early. Credit to our team for battling four quarters. I think we showed a lot of resilience. I mean, I know people want to see a win. We’d love to see wins too. But we haven’t put together an entire game yet. For us to finish in the four quarter, competing and playing for one another is a big thing.” 

On Jordan Howard: “He’s done a really good job since he’s been here. We’ve got a bunch of good backs. We just have to block for them. You give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.” 

On maintaining drives: “They did a lot of stuff movement-wise up front, but we knew what they were going to bring. Cody (Whitehair) did a great job with Brian setting the mikes and setting the protections. I thought we did a better job in pass pro(tection) today, but we’ve got to do a better job on the run game so we don’t have to get into those third down situations where we’re looking to convert.” 

“We’re three weeks into a sixteen week season. It’s a marathon. It’s not a 100-meter dash. You’re not going to win or lose it in the first step. We’ve got a young bunch. We need to learn to play together. We need to pay for one another. I think we’re getting the grasp of that. You’re seeing a lot of who have never been out there on field out there competing their butts off. It’s really tough to lose a game like this – it’s tough to lose any game – but I’d say our guys play their butts off until the end.” 

On being down 17-0: “It’s a long game. As you guys saw there at the end, it could have flipped quickly. One drive, it turns into a 7 point game and that’s the NFL. Nothing’s too wide of a margin. We can’t be down in the dumps when something like that happens. You’ve just got to keep swinging, keep swinging, keep swinging because you never know when you’ll get a break like on that long reception where there was a fumble and we flipped fields. Credit our defense always looking for the takeaways. We just have to sustain.” 

Alshon Jeffery

“We just have to execute when our opportunity comes.”

“We just have to control what we can control. Just go out there and try to make plays. That’s it.”

On Brian Hoyer: “Brian played great. He did what we asked him to do. I mean, we just didn’t get the win. But he played well.” 

“It’s a process, man. It’s frustrating, but it’s a process. I mean, I’m going all out until the end no matter what scoreboard is. I’m with the Bears no matter what...We’ve just got to ride it out. It’s coming. Right now, every team that beat us it was their time. I mean, our time is coming.” 

Jordan Howard

“I felt pretty good getting a lot playing time and getting a lot of work, but at the end of the day you always want to win. So, that really doesn’t matter.” 

“We know we’re more than capable of putting up points and gaining yards. But it’s just small things not executing and staying on blocks and things like that. It’s just execution.” 

On his long run: “It was an off side zone play. The line gave a great push. The tight ends and receivers opened up a hole for me and I just hit it. So, they mostly did all the work.” 

“I definitely feel comfortable because I try to take advantage of all the reps I get. Then, just since I’ve been here, the other backs and veterans, they’ve been keeping me up and catching me up to speed.” 

Zach Miller

On being more involved: “It’s a different game, different play calls, different everything. There’s no rhyme or reason why the first two game totals were low or high. That’s just kind of how the season goes.” 

On his first touchdown: “I just got to work to get leverage and keep him so he can’t get between me and the ball. It’s one of those things I just have to body him up and not let him to get to the football.” 

On Brian Hoyer: “I thought he played well. He commanded the huddle well. He communicated well. He made quick decisions. He did well.” 

On the first half struggles: “We didn’t have the ball a lot. Three and out I think on the first two or three possessions, I felt like the first quarter we ran like five or six plays. It was one of those things where we didn’t have the ball a lot and we didn’t move the ball well. It was just one of those things where we were on prime time TV two weeks in a row. You can’t continue to not play well and for lack of a better word, be embarrassed on National TV. But I felt like coming out in the second half, it’s there. Everybody played hard and continued to fight until the whistle blew." 

Adrian Amos

On the defense’s struggles to get off the field: “We have to start faster. It was moving the ball, first and second down. Got it to third and short. The odds are stacked against us when we get to third and short. They really have everything in their playbook once we get there. We just have to play better on first and second down, then we have to make the plays. Lock up in coverage and take advantage of the opportunities.” 

On the Cowboys game plan: “We just didn’t stop them. They did things we practiced. Little things. I know when we watch the film, we are going to be disappointed in ourselves and how we came out in the first half. We can see things we practiced that we just didn’t execute.” 

On the injuries on defense: “We can’t make excuses for guys being out. Everybody is here for a reason. Everybody is out playing ball. Regardless of who is out there, we just have to execute better.” 

On Dak Prescott: “He doesn’t make too many mistakes. He reads coverages well. He’s good for them. I can’t really say in particular the one thing that makes him good. They beat us tonight. That is all I know.” 

Jacoby Glenn

On the defensive performance: “We went out and played hard. This is a good team. They are all fighters. But we played good. I think we played good. Pretty solid. We started out kind of slow, but we got going.” 

On causing Terrance Williams to fumble in the third quarter, which was recovered and led to Chicago touchdown: “From the beginning of the play, I slipped. So I knew that he could outrun me. So I just ran and ran and ran and caught him and hit the ball out. We work on that at practice every day, so I just used technique.” 

On next steps: “I am mad, though. I believe in my team. I am a team guy. I believe in my team. We are going to go to practice and get better every day, and come out and play next week. That is how it is going to be.” 

Akeim Hicks

On the defensive performance: “What it really comes down to is assignment football. Stay in your gaps. Play your technique. Make sure we are putting ourselves in a position to execute our plays. I think in some areas we were lacking, and that’s where they took advantage of it.” 

On what led to defensive challenges: “I wish I could point to one thing. It was a variety of things we have to shore up and tighten up on our end. That is something we are going to go into this week and try to figure out.” 

On why the defense lagged early: “You are at a loss immediately after the game. You are trying to figure out what happened on your side, what happened on the other side, what happened here/there and trying to figure out what you can do better. Of course you are at a loss right now, but I am sure once we get back and get into our film and see where we made our mistakes, we will have a solution.” 

Willie Young

On the defensive performance: “We have to figure this out. We better figure it out fast. It isn’t like we have a whole season ahead. We have to figure this out, like, yesterday. ... We better figure something out. Quick, fast and in a hurry.” 

On the Cowboys: I have to give them credit. A Pro Bowl offensive line. Pro Bowl quarterback. Pro Bowl running back. I haven’t seen the film. But much respect to the Dallas Cowboys. Absolutely. Quarterback hung in there, poised. Teams have been doing a really good job with the young quarterbacks. And simplifying the game plans for them. The last two weeks for us, in particular. Getting the ball out fairly quick. In some situations we need to get the rush working with the coverage, and vice versa. When you look at it, they rushed for 200, we have to control the running game first before we can have fun in the backfield. ... 

On the defensive performance, part 2: I haven’t watched any film. I don’t know what was going on. All I could do is ask the guys to give me all you got, every staff. One play at a time, just give me all you got.” 

Jerrell Freeman

On Dak Prescott: “Getting the ball out of his hands. Making the right decisions. He was in stressful situations. There was no panicking, dual threat. Get out and run. He’s a good quarterback.” 


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