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TEMPE, Ariz. _ When <!--Default NodeId For Kordell Stewart is 664678,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:664678]>Kordell Stewart</A> looked uncomfortable in the Bears' offense during Friday's 27-17 loss to the <!--Default NodeId For Arizona Cardinals is 112,2003--><A HREF=>Arizona Cardinals</A>, it came as no surprise to offensive coordinator <!--Default NodeId For John Shoop is 834624,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:834624]>John Shoop</A>.

After all, Stewart is still 66 passes away from being comfortable according to Shoop's way of thinking.

"I do think to get comfortable in an offense you need about 100 passes," Shoop said. "You need about 100 passes from within the pocket.

"Obviously we're not going to get all 100 from the preseason games."

Stewart had 16 attempts going into Friday's game and completed 13-of-18 against the Cardinals while throwing both his first touchdown pass and his first interception of preseason.

"I know I wasn't good in the first half, the first quarter and a half," Stewart said.

Stewart was discouraged by the effort, especially on the way he threw the ball in a few instances. He called one naked bootleg pass he threw into the ground, "a duck."

He vowed to fight through his current problems in the offense.

"When you're having a tough time like that, you can't stick your tail between your legs, put your head down and open wide," Stewart said. "You've got to keep grinding.

"I mean, it was my first opportunity to get my feet wet in this system and be in a game for an extended period of time, so you know the thing about it all is we finished strong in the first half and that's what you want."

With game-time temperatures at 101 degrees, players just hoped to get through without suffering dehydration.

Now head coach Dick Jauron is worried about players' conditioning after such a demanding game. The Bears will play again on Wednesday, just five days later, against the Patriots in Foxboro, Mass.

"This will be an interesting game because we have such a fast turnaround," Jauron said. "We've got to see how the team responds coming out of this heat.

"I think in the long run this will probably be a good thing for us because it wasn't an easy game to go through."

When defensive end Alex Brown intercepted a pass he tipped and took off up field, he was only trying to do what defensive coordinator Greg Blache had instructed his defense to do since early in training camp -- try to score.

However, Brown fumbled on the return and the Cardinals recovered.

"I can't run with the ball like Mike Brown," he said of the Bears' safety.

It wasn't like Alex Brown was a stranger to the football. He played quarterback and linebacker at White Springs High School in Florida. He also played running back as a youth.

"That was eight years ago, man," he said. "I just fumbled it. Bad. Bad. You've got to finish it. I didn't finish it."

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