Shut your mouth

There's no doubt that <!--Default NodeId For David Terrell is 722209,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:722209]>David Terrell</A> has the talent to play the game, but what he does after the catch is a different story. His shenanigans reached a new low last Friday.

During the Bears 27-17 lose to Arizona, Terrell appeared to catch an 11-yard touchdown pass from Kordell Stewart. However, Terrell was flagged for offensive pass interference. By that time he was already in the midst of a celebration. Terrell punted the ball into the crowd before he bothered to find about the penalty.

Surprisingly, Terrell's antics didn't draw an additional flag. While he will be fined, the penalty is hardly anything that will change Terrell's outlook.

"I always do that," Terrell said. "You all know what I do. I have fun. That's what I do."

Dick Jauron didn't agree with the premature celebration, but as a true player's coach stands behind Terrell.

"There are lots of good reasons not to do it. So we're not saying that we want him to do that, but as you well know, you look around the league, people do a lot of things with the ball after they score."

Jauron now has to channel Terrell's emotions and still keep him playing with an edge.

"We all know, David is a very emotional player, and there's a fine line you walk between trying to curb that emotion and giving him the freedom to play as he likes to play," Jauron said.

That didn't stop Jauron from talking to him about his actions.

"If flags start flying, if he gets us penalized for things other than football plays, then you've got to keep looking at those kinds of issues because you definitely do not want yards marked off against your team for issues that don't involve the game, and he has not done that."

Terrell has a history of dramatic celebrations. In last year's season opener a game-winning touchdown against the Vikings was followed by a kicked ball and followed that up with a trip into the crowd.

The real problem is that Terrell doesn't get the ball enough, so when he has any kind of success he overreacts. On the other hand he's dropped several balls during the preseason, been called for a holding penalty that wiped out a 22-yard run by Rabih Abdullah.

"I had fun to be honest with you. I had fun, with the penalties, without the penalties, I had fun," Terrell said. "Me personally, I just went out and let it roll. That's how I always play. That's how I'm going to continue to play and that's who I am."

Once again, a lesser player has beaten out Terrell for a starting role.

"Dez White is our starter at the X. There's no doubt about that now," Jauron said.

Two years after being the eighth pick in the draft, Terrell is regulated to third receiver duty.

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