WATCH: Chicago Bears Week 7 Post-Game Press Conferences

Chicago Bears head coach John Fox and quarterback Matt Barkley discuss the team's 26-10 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Thursday Night Football. View full transcripts below.

Head Coach John Fox

(on losing QB Brian Hoyer) “I mean, if you lose your starting quarterback, it can be disruptive. It’s not an excuse, it’s just reality. You know, again, when you play an explosive offense like Green Bay, it kind of helps to maybe be out there a little bit more offensively, which I think was a problem in the second half.” 

(on Matt Barkley) “He hasn’t been with us for that long to begin with. We did bring him up from the practice squad when Jay (Cutler) got hurt. He’s been learning the offense. He doesn’t get all of the starting reps, like most backup quarterbacks in this league. But I think we had a couple of changeups as far as in our line that we adjusted with. But, all in all, I think he held in there and did about as well as he could.” 

(on defense being on the field a lot in the second half) “You know, again, it helps when you’re playing, to actually have a little bit of a break. Unfortunately in the second half, I think that probably caught up with us a little bit.” 

(on the secondary) “I think it was better in the first half than in the second half. Part of that is due to the amount of time they were out there.” 

(on Cutler being ready for the next game) “When he’s cleared medically, we’ll have him out there. When exactly that’s going to be, I can’t answer that. He’s getting closer.” 

(on why the Bears signed Barkley ) “The personnel people thought that he was a taller guy that stood in the pocket pretty well. A guy that we thought we could work with, that had some experience, and hopefully, he got a little bit more experience tonight.” 

QB Matt Barkley 

(on the game as a whole) “You want to say it’s tough, but I don’t like to think of that because I feel like that’s making an excuse. I felt prepared coming into this game, especially on paper, knowing what we were doing and X’s and O’s. But, coming in with throwing to guys you haven’t really repped with, I think, is the biggest thing I did. Just (try to) get adjusted real quickly. But, besides that, we moved the ball well at times, but we also shot ourselves in the foot. Sometimes the ball just didn’t bounce our way.” 

(on learning the plays) “It’s just like learning a new language. You know you can picture in your mind what it’s supposed to be, but having to spit it out, in a fluid sentence, it just takes reps. Just repping it in meetings, on the field, after the field, back at home. My wife’s been helping me out. Just spit out plays. It just takes time; it’s one of those things that takes time. We’ve tried to cram as much in as we could. Again, I felt good going into tonight with what we’ve been doing. I told them not to hold back anything with the game plan when I went in and I think they held true to that. Again, it wasn’t mechanics. It was just a lot of things that didn’t go right.” 

(on if he wished he would’ve gotten more reps prior to the game) “It definitely would be more beneficial. I’m not going to say what coach should do, that’s his decision, and you got to deal with what you’re dealt. The more reps you can get, in any situation, will help you, no matter what your profession is. But, just since I’ve been here, you know, scout team reps and trying to put our plays into what we’re seeing on cards, you try to do every little thing you can to get better no matter what you’re doing. That’s no excuse.” 

(on preparing for the next game) “Hopefully the guys who were a little banged up can rest and get healthy. A little more time to install a game plan. Thursday is pretty rough to get everything crammed in within a few days of not really being able to practice. That’ll be nice to get back a full week and have guys healthy. Hopefully we have as many as we can.” 

CB De'Vante Bausby

(on the defense) "There were a lot of penalties out there. We had a good scheme and plan, but we just didn't finish in the second half as a group. Facing (Aaron) Rodgers is a challenge, but I felt like our play calling was excellent. We just didn't finish." 

(on Rodgers buying time in the pocket) "We knew that going into it. We had it schemed up. Honestly, it really wasn't that bad as far as him moving around and us having to cover receivers too long. It really wasn't that bad today. It is challenging, but we prepared for it." 

(on WR Davante Adams’ performance) "He had an excellent night. We didn't think he would play tonight because of his concussion, but he passed the protocols and he came out there and played his tail off." 

TE Zach Miller

(on Brian Hoyer going down to injury) "It is not a good feeling seeing a teammate go down like that. It is the nature of the game; he took a shot. Hopefully, we can recover from it and bounce back." 

(on if the offensive plan changed with Matt Barkley at quarterback) "You have to dial it back a little bit, but we tried to stick to the game plan. We adjusted a few things, but we weren't going to change much, maybe a couple of different checks at the line. It was just a weird night." 

OLB Leonard Floyd 

(on his touchdown) "We had a great play called. Willie (Young) came down and picked the guard for me and I looped around and the play was done and I made it. It felt great (to get a touchdown), but at the end of the day I wanted a win." 

(on being 1-6) "We are all we got. We are buying into it and we will get ready for the next game." 

(on trying to get pressure on Rodgers) "It is very tough. He gets the ball out pretty quickly. You just have to keep rushing every snap. He is at his best when he is scrambling around playing backyard football." 

G Eric Kush

(on Hoyer getting hurt) "It sucks. It hurts because as an offensive lineman, we are responsible for keeping him healthy and keeping guys off him. It hurts, but you have to keep playing football and keep working hard." 

(on the Bears’ losing streak) "We just have to dig in and keep working. No one is going to come and save you. You have to pull your boot straps up and keep working." 


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