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As the Bears face New England, the <!--Default NodeId For Ted Washington is 917468,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:917468]>Ted Washington</A> trade will be squarely in the mind of observers. Did the team make the right decision in moving the veteran tackle? Scott Sabin speaks his mind on the subject.

I don't understand which direction the Chicago Bears want to go in this year. After a horrible season in 2002, a coach on the hot seat and an even more difficult schedule the Bears trade one of their veteran run stoppers halfway through the preseason schedule. As far as I can tell none of the young defensive tackles have sparkled so well in training camp that the Bears needed to unload a talented player like Ted Washington.

The Bears had a chance to draft Terrell Suggs and Dewayne Robertson with their first-round draft pick. If one of them was starting come September, then trade a veteran, but as I far as I can see first-round choice Michael Haynes will not be on the first team depth chart when the Bears open up in San Francisco.

The team already saved money this offseason money by not resigning Rosevelt Colvin. Of course, two years ago the dismissal of Safety Tony Parrish and Cornerback Walt Harris who have not been replaced impressively to this point by Mike Green and Jerry Azumah.

This team has question marks on offense, why mess with a defense that when healthy has proven to be strong and? Speaking of the past the 13-3 fluke season feels like it happened a couple decades ago.

Scott Sabin
Skokie, IL

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