There is pressure on <!--Default NodeId For Dick Jauron is 834622,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:834622]>Dick Jauron</A> to put a winning campaign together in 2003. Although the head coach was able to take a brief step to reflect about going home to Boston, he's still focussed on his team.

Jauron grew up in suburban Boston, staring in football basketball and baseball for Swampscott High School. The 53-year-old makes his first return to the area as a head coach when the Bears take on the Patriots tonight (7:00 p.m. on WMAQ NBC5).

"The fact that I'm going home, yeah, it's always nice for me. Boston is my hometown," Jauron said. "Swampscott certainly holds a lot of significance for me."

This trip is important on two fronts for Jauron. Personally he's returning to his roots. The Boston Globe named Jauron one of the top 10 prep athletes of the 20th century in the state of Massachusetts.

On the other hand Jauron needs to find out who is going to make the 53-man roster as this the team's last exhibition game before the start of the regular season.

"But in terms of what we need to accomplish, we need to play well, we need to play hard and consistently for four quarters," Jauron said. "Then it's the end of the preseason and then we're on to the regular season where it really counts. This game is a little different because we still want to look at a lot of people."

Extended Action
Anthony Thomas has carried the ball just nine times thus far in the preseason, which isn't enough work for him to build up his body for the beating of the regular season. The primary objective in the exhibition season has been working Kordell Stewart into a new offense.

"We thought that we really had to do a lot of things offensively with Kordell, with our team," Jauron said. "So, we felt that we would not be running the ball an awful lot in the preseason. We just didn't know how we could get it all done in one preseason and we thought the most critical part was to get a feel for Kordell."

The majority of the starters will only play a quarter against New England with the exception of Thomas.

"Our running backs, Adrian and Anthony, may go the whole first half both of those guys," Jauron said. "We'll alternate them, may play them a couple series at a time. May play them a quarter, but they'll both be in and out."

After gaining 133 yards on the ground in the preseason opener against Indianapolis, the running game has taken a step back. The past two games the team has ran for 179 yards combined, the bulk of which has come from Rabih Abdullah and Brock Forsey.

There is still concern about whether or not Thomas and Adrian Peterson can carry the ground game. Although a preseason game will not tell the full story, something could come out of tonight's game.

"We'll try to get some more answers that way in this game, but we'll have to see how the game goes too and they're all different," Jauron said. "We really haven't given either one of them enough carries to determine or to see a lot of our running game. I think our running game will be good."

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