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John Fox: Alshon Jeffery solely at fault for four-game suspension

Chicago Bears head coach John Fox says the blame for Alshon Jeffery's four-game suspension falls on one person: Alshon Jeffery.

After violating the NFL's policy on performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), Chicago Bears WR Alshon Jeffery will be suspended without pay for the team's next four regular season contests. 

Head coach John Fox said today that Jeffery, and only Jeffery, is responsible for the suspension. 

"These guys are very, very, very, very well educated on the fact that they’re responsible for what they put in their system," said Fox. "There are certain procedures you go through. You can get things cleared through the league.

"A lot of that stuff is not regulated. There is a procedure through the league office and the union where they can work through our sports science [department]. Everybody in the building, to be honest with you, educates these guys. So, especially a veteran, they have heard it 400 times.

"There is basically an agency with the league that clears any supplements and if they’re not on that they aren’t allowed to take it or it’s not cleared through them and our sports science people deal with our players every day. They direct them to the proper channels."

For his part, Jeffery took ownership of his mistake, saying he did not monitor the supplements he was taking, thus the suspension. 

"I don’t know his exact statement but other than he was deemed to have tested positive and is now serving a four-game suspension," Fox said, "and that’s the facts." 


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