Vic Fangio denies rumors he's leaving the Chicago Bears after this season

Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio says the rumors about him leaving the team after this season are false, calls it "irresponsible reporting."

The Chicago Bears are a disappointing 3-9 this season, which has reportedly created some friction among the coaching staff. In fact, the Chicago Tribune published a story this week saying defensive coordinator Vic Fangio plans on leaving at season's end. 

Fangio today shot down the rumor, which was reported by Mike Mulligan, who is not on the Bears beat and was not in attendance at this afternoon's press conference. 

"No, that wasn't written by anyone in this room, was it?," Fangio said. "You guys know what's going on. No."

Fangio said the false report reflects poorly on the media as a whole. 

"It gives you guys a bad name. He's one of your colleagues, and irresponsible reporting doesn't shine well for all of you and that's too bad because all of you guys, I enjoy talking to you guys."

Fox and Fangio met this morning to discuss the unsubstantiated rumor. 

"I wasn't aware of it and he told me about it because he was all nervous about it, so I said 'Don't worry about it.'"

Why was he nervous about it?

"Because it wasn't true and thought I might take it the wrong way," said Fangio. "[Our relationship] is fine. Nothing has changed either way."

Fangio said there is no friction between him and Fox. 

"Not really. We pretty much do what I see fit to do 98 percent of the time."

Fangio said he has no plans on leaving Chicago after this season and wants to return as defensive coordinator in 2017. 


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