Robinson to Start Against Vikings

LAKE FOREST -- For the first time since Nov. 26, 2000, Bears wide receiver Marcus Robinson will start a football game. Robinson, who suffered a back injury in practice Nov. 29 last year, returns as a starter for the Bears Sunday in the home-opener at Soldier Field against the Minnesota Vikings.

   ``Marcus has practiced now for two weeks and he's ready to go,'' coach Dick Jauron said. 

   Robinson pronounced himself close to 100 percent healthy.

   ``Just having that week off, just being able to prepare and not have a game gave my back time to rest, get back used to football shape,''  Robinson said.

   With Robinson returning to the lineup, the Bears have their chief deep threat back. Robinson led the team in receiving yardage in 1999 with a team-record 1,400 yards. He caught 55 passes last year for 738 yards and has 15 career touchdown catches.

   Robinson's return means second-year wideout Dez White goes to the bench. However, coach Dick Jauron plans to get White playing time.

   Ironically, rookie wideout David Terrell -- who has been saying he wants more chances -- will have to split playing time at third wideout with White.

   Against Baltimore, White bobbled a few passes, including one that went for an interception.

    ``We're not going to push Dez off to the side off of one game,'' Jauron said. ``He just worked too hard and has done too good a job in terms of advancing his receiver skills.

   ``He had those three drops, but we've got to get past that and give him more chances because he also had 4(4) yards three catches in that first game, and I believe he is a talent.''

     With Robinson back, quarterback Shane Matthews expects the passing game will open up a bit. The Bears' opponent this week could make the deep pass more common, but not the only means of attack.

   ``They still have good players there,'' Matthews said of Minnesota. ``They have, I think, one of the best strong safeties in the league in (Robert) Griffith.

   ``Teams have been able to move the ball on them.  And I don't see why we can't.  We're going to have some chances at some big plays. But still, the goal is we need to hit our big plays but we still need to move the chains against these guys.''

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