Reaction to the action

Bears fans were understandably unhappy following the Bears 49-7 blowout loss at San Francisco. Here's a sampling of the comments from the angry crowd.

What's the problem?

Well I watched the first game. It's just an extension of the pre-season. The announcers called it in the first quarter! John Shoop is trying to figure out what's gone to work. Isn't that what pre season is for? I think Shoop hasn't figured out what will work in the past three years. Of course Shoop will blame the poor execution from the players. I think it's the poor plays and play calling that puts the players in that position. I use to think Shoop was so interested in controlling the ball that he forgot to score points. Now I can see that Shoop does even know the point of the game is to run or pass the ball pass end zone line. I never though that just one person could make a difference on a team, but if the Bears want a chance to win this year Shoop must go. PLEASE.

Dan Alonzi
Alma, MI

Wake Up Call

The wars are won in the trenches-correct? We have no offensive line to speak of, look at the sacks. You can look at the lackluster ground game if you can find it. QB's have no time to throw. The rollouts were way too wide with too much running by Stewart. It gave the secondary time to close and you saw the results, three picks, two fumbles, 55 yards rushing and 95 passing. When is our glorious management going to realize Shoop is a low-grade college coach or assistant if that? The only thing offensive thing about him is his terrible calls. Jauron cannot figure it out either or he would make some changes in the play calling- right? The Defense spent too much time on the field and needs upgrading in the cornerback position. Brian Urlacher, Warrick Holdman, Mike and Alex Brown are the only playmakers. Keep up this type of play and there is little Hope for what we remember-winning Bears football in the pre Dick Jauron era. Can you remember back that far? Loving the Bears since 1975. Start Playing like a football team OK?

Terry Eklund
Kent, WA

What an absolute embarrassment!

No excuses this year, no Champaign a few injuries but none to skill players. I really don't think the 49ers are that great and the Bears made them look like a first place team. As I saw from the Bengals last year, it's always a horrible sign to get blown out on opening day. The Bears were outscored more then anyone else the only other teams that are as embarrassed are New England who got shutout and Miami was upset at home by Houston. I think the Pat's and Dolphins are potential playoff teams though. Next week on Sunday night will be ugly in Minnesota especially coming after a big win over the Pack in Lambeau. The Metrodome is a loud place to play!

Scott Sabin
Skokie, IL

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