Blown away

The Bears rush defense made <!--Default NodeId For Moe Williams is 665470,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:665470]>Moe Williams</A> look like a Pro Bowl player and allowed a total of 202 yards on the ground at an average of 5.2 yards per try.

While the front four did a lousy job of tackling and containing, Coach Dick Jauron said it wasn't for a lack of practice.

"We work on tackling everyday," Jauron said. "When we have pads every Wednesday and Thursday we tackle in practice in our individual drills. So, you know you just have to get into position. A number of missed tackles on the tape were from side angles. You know we need to be more disciplined so that the angle to the ball is better."

The Bears traded an eight-man front for a chance to slow Randy Moss, who finished with four catches for 28 yards, with a cover defense. However the tradeoff might have been worse. The defense gave up over 400 total yards and the seven-man allowed Daunte Culpepper to go to his secondary targets. The quarterback completed 20 of 26 passes for 214 yards and two touchdowns.

"We knew they'd have (an) opportunity to run the ball," Jauron said. "We did not play (an) eight-man front. We played a seven-man front the entire football game for clear reasons. Try to limit the big the play to Randy Moss. To keep number 11 (Culpepper) and number 84 (Moss), try to keep them under control and striking quickly and hurting us over the top.

The Bears rush defense ranks 31st in the league and the trade of Ted Washington seems to have impacted the unit more than GM Jerry Angelo expected.

Starters Keith Traylor and Bryan Robinson have disappointed this far. Traylor has made plays, but hasn't been a consistent performer. Robinson is in his first full season as a defensive tackle and has looked overmatched at times.

While Robinson knows his assignments, he is adjusting to playing inside. There is a fine line between knowing what to do and getting it done.

"I think everything is confidence in this game," Robinson said. "You have to be confident enough to be at the point where this is my job, this is what I've got to do. If I miss tackle we need ten other guys around the ball swarming, so you don't look so stupid when you miss a tackle because everybody else is there."

The prospect of facing Ahman Green without the run defense in order will give Brett Favre a great opportunity to use the playaction as a weapon.

Green busted a 65-yard touchdown run against the Lions on Sunday and Favre looked more like himself as Green Bay handled Detroit 31-6. The Packers now turn their attention to the winless Cardinals, who have looked even worse than the Bears in the first two weeks of the season.

While a win against Green Bay may not ultimately save Jauron's job, it will go along way toward putting a smile on the collective faces of Bears fans.

"We're certainly hoping that can jumpstart our season," Robinson said. "Not only are we opening up our new stadium, but we have Green Bay, we have Brett Favre coming to town. It's going to be a packed house, not only that it's on Monday Night."

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