Former Bears black and blue

There has been a debate on how much the Bears miss the services of <!--Default NodeId For Ted Washington is 917468,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:917468]>Ted Washington</A> and <!--Default NodeId For Rosevelt Colvin is 661287,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:661287]>Rosevelt Colvin</A>; well the <!--Default NodeId For New England Patriots is 93,2003--><A HREF=>New England Patriots</A> can now join the discussion.

Colvin was one of the sought after free agents this offseason with 21 sacks over the past two years. He seemed to fit perfectly into the Patriots 3-4 scheme, but broke his hip in a Week 2 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Colvin has subsequently been placed on injured reserve, which means he cannot return this season. While the Patriots claim Colvin should make a full recovery, the injury could be career threatening depending on how it affects the hip socket.

Then in Week 3, starting nose tackle Ted Washington broke his leg and will miss at least a month.

The Bears traded the 13-year veteran to New England during training camp for a fourth round selection. Washington fractured his left fibula and torn ligaments in the left foot, which caused him to miss the final 14 games of the season.

"That's sad for (Washington) and Rosey, two guys that left here and helped this defense out a lot," Daniels said. "New England is probably saying, 'We'll never take another Bear player.' Hopefully those guys will get back and come back strong. Both of those guys are good players."

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