Reaction to the action

The Bears are winless and are at the bottom of the Central division. Obviously the team has several problems, but the following is a sample of what the fans think is wrong with the Bears.

Talent not being utilized
Take this from a long-time, die hard Bears Fan, ....the trouble with Chicago is not the numerous quarterbacks or the injuries sustained by the offensive and defensive line of the bears, it is the absolute poor play calling by John Shoop the "so called" offensive coordinator.

When Chicago takes a stand, as they did in 2002, that we can win a game if we score 13 points or more by half time, is absolutely kidding themselves in this day in the NFL.

Chicago has always had numerous weapons, it is just that the offensive coordinator has never exploited those talents. Whether we have had a pocket passer or a mobile quarterback, our offensive weapons have always been in place, just not utilized by what I consider one of the worst offensive coordinators I have ever seen in the NFL. Chicago at this point could take a few pointers from the coordinator of the Houston, Texans.....exploit what you have.

This from a fan that has grown up in Chicago, lived in Vikings land for the past 10 years, but still wears a Chicago Jersey every Sunday!

It is Official
Well, thanks to the cheapskates McCaskey's, Jerry Angelo, Dick Jauron and his worthless coaching staff the bears are now the worst football team in the NFL.

Normally I would not have to mention Bears and football in the same sentence, but the way the Bears play the game some people would have a hard time recognizing the fact that I was talking about the Chicago bears. Ted, that is Ted Phillips, step forward and take a bow you did a magnificent job in getting the new stadium built, but the next time you want to hire a new GM please give me call first.
Bill Ethington
Clearwater, FL.

House cleaning in order
I have been a Bears fan for over 30 years so these comments are made because I really do care. The Cubs are the dreams of Chicago, the Bears are the nightmares of Chicago. They are at this point the worst team in the NFL, the Detroit Tigers of the NFL.

The Monday Night debacle against the Packers was an embarassment exacerbated by the former Bear greats in attendance for the opening of the new Soldier Field.

The "A-Train" makes a great run to get us back in the game narrowing the deficit to 24-16. Then the "Defense" promptly bends over and allows Brett Favre to kick them in their hind parts again. Absolutely pathetic!

It's high time that Greg Blache shared the heat with Dick Jauron & John Shoop.

In spite of my frustrations I do not agree with the sentiment to start Rex Grossman. I would prefer to the young man start fresh with the entire New Coaching Staff next year as I am sure that

Mr. Angelo will clean house. The icing on the cake would of course be if Mr. Angelo would resign as well. Does Dusty Baker know football?
John Fitzgerald

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