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For the first time, offensive coordinator <!--Default NodeId For John Shoop is 834624,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:834624]>John Shoop</A> went to the coaches' booth and sent plays down to quarterbacks coach Greg Olson on the sidelines.

"It's something that we've talked about for a number of weeks," Shoop said. "And Greg has been practicing the head set during practice during the week.

"Kordell (Stewart) and I felt comfortable with him calling the plays and I felt like I might get a better picture of their nickel blitzes and things like that that we've seen."

One of the nickel blitzes caused the sack and fumble that led to a touchdown and 13-3 Saints lead.

"You can see better," Shoop admitted. "There's good things and there's bad things about it."


The Bears decided not to go to a no-huddle offense with 7:18 left after they had fallen behind 20-6.

Their explanation left room for some head-scratching. They said they just wanted to be thorough and score first before worrying about an onside kick and a second tying TD.

"When you're down two scores you don't want to just pressure a situation and create a turnover or what-have-you," quarterback Kordell Stewart said. "You have time when you get a TD, which we did, and kick an onside kick with some time left on the clock and get it back. You have an opportunity."

In fact, they did have a chance to get the ball with less than two minutes left anyway if the defense had stopped a third-and-six. They didn't stop it and the Saints won.

"We feel like we have the ability to score on the last play of the game," Shoop said. "And, in fact, if we had gotten the onside kick we would have had 20 (points) at the time (with another TD). If you (rush and turn it over) and don't score your first drive, if you're two scores down and you don't score a TD on your first one, the game's over."

Of course, if they had run a no-huddle offense and scored right away instead of turning it over, they wouldn't have needed an onside kick at the end.

Tackle Scott Sanderson, guard Terrence Metcalf, wide receivers Bobby Wade and Justin Gage were inactive. Also inactive due to injuries were linebacker Warrick Holdman (knee, ankle), running back Rabih Abdullah (concussion) and defensive tackle Keith Traylor (knee). Rex Grossman was the third quarterback.

The Bears' defense in the second quarter had confusion over a Saints formation, and called timeout.

When the timeout had ended, the teams lined up and the Saints looked at the Bears' defense.

Then Brooks called a timeout.

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