Role reversal

When the Bears lost <!--Default NodeId For Marty Booker is 722190,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:722190]>Marty Booker</A> due to an ankle sprain suffered on an end-around play in Sunday's first half, <!--Default NodeId For Dez White is 722186,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:722186]>Dez White</A> changed identities.

He became Booker, even though the Bears had David Terrell on the bench and he is Booker's backup on the depth chart.

The fourth-year wide receiver took over Booker's responsibilities in the game plan and caught five passes for 91 yards while also making a few other key plays that kept the Bears close in a 20-13 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

"When Marty went down, Dez White stepped up and some of those plays that were going to Dez were designed to go to Marty, and we moved him around a little bit to get him the ball more," offensive coordinator John Shoop said. "So I thought he did a nice job on some things."

White caught a 4-yard touchdown pass from Kordell Stewart in the fourth quarter to get the Bears within 20-13. He hauled in a 36-yarder to get the Bears into field position for Paul Edinger's 28-yard, game-tying, second-quarter field goal.

In the third quarter, White made a neat 18-yard catch over his left shoulder to help put the Bears in position for Edinger's fourth-quarter 31-yard field goal that got the Bears within 13-6.

The ease with which Stewart shifted his focus to White suggested the Bears' quarterback is gaining confidence in other receivers.

"I think the thing is that Kordell knows how important it is to have two good receivers and two guys he can have options to," said White, came into the game with the team's best yards--per-catch average at 14.1 and now leads the team in catches with 17.

"It just makes us that much more patient to have as many targets as possible," White said. "So he stresses throwing the ball to the front side and the back side. That's something that he's been talking about since he got here and we were able to capitalize on it."

White made two other meaningful plays. He broke up a sure interception in the end zone that forced a Saints field goal and he recovered an Anthony Thomas fumble on the Bears' first scoring drive.

Other Bears stepped up with Booker gone. Ahmad Merritt made a 22-yard catch.

"We kept rolling," Stewart said. "Ahmad came in and he made a big play for us down the field. Dez White obviously had the opportunities and he made a lot of good plays for us. The train kept moving.

"That's what you want. We're only as good as our weakest link as an offense."

White did something else that made him resemble Booker -- he got hurt making his touchdown catch.

"I landed on my hip," he said. "It's sore. It's going to hurt all week in practice and probably next week, too."

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