Reaction to the action

There is no doubting the loyalty of Bears fans, but even those that bleed blue and orange are starting to wonder if this year's team can turn it around.

Bad Team

I just finished watching the Bears lose to the Saints. I was disgusted! The Offense looked pathetic! The offensive line was terrible. Blocks were routinely missed. Penalties were numerous, and Kordell Stewart looked confused. Even when he did have time to pass he was, to put it kindly inconsistent! Simply put, this is not a good football team.

The defense is struggling, but that should be expected considering how little time the offense spends on the field. Major changes must be made to this team! The only problem is where do you start.

It's hard to watch this team. I believe only the most naive fan wearing extremely thick rose colored glasses could feel otherwise.

Michael Brewer
Indianapolis, IN

Searching for hope
Is there anything positive that I can take away from the New Orleans game?

There is enough blame to go around to everyone in the origination from the McCaskey's on down. I have never seen the Bears put on a display like they did Sunday. It was disgraceful and disrespectful to all that are involved with the origination and to all that support the origination. The only word I can find to describe this team performance to day is PATHETIC, and for some reason that does not seem to be strong enough.

Bill Ethington
Clearwater, FL

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