Bears-Saints Report Card

What do the experts have to say about the Bears performance against the Saints…

PASSING OFFENSE: D -- Three sacks resulted in two fumbles deep in Bears territory which set up 10 Saints points. The Bears had just 58 net passing yards before their only touchdown drive of the day in the fourth quarter. Kordell Stewart completed three passes to David Terrell, all of them out of bounds.

RUSHING OFFENSE: B -- Anthony Thomas (96 yards on 21 carries) continues to look like the only consistent weapon the Bears have on offense, and quarterback Kordell Stewart again was an effective complement with 42 yards on nine scrambles.

PASS DEFENSE: B-minus -- The Bears got no sacks, but they did put decent pressure on Aaron Brooks, who completed just 14 of 29 for 153 yards, although two were for touchdowns. As usual, there were no interceptions, although there were opportunities. A 48-yard pass interference call on rookie CB Charles Tillman was questionable because he appeared to have position on Jerome Pathon.

RUN DEFENSE: C -- Deuce McAllister got 116 yards, but he needed 29 carries to do it. He also seemed to pick up the necessary yardage whenever it was critical, and he allowed the Saints to control the ball and the game.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B-minus -- Paul Edinger made it 10-for-10 on field goals. Jerry Azumah was effective on kickoff returns until he sprained his thumb and then Ahmad Merritt got his old job back and had a 33-yard KOR.

COACHING: C-minus -- The Bears can't seem to figure out how to generate a passing attack. The fourth-quarter touchdown that brought them to within 20-13 took a ridiculous 5:08 and left them with no choice but to try an onside kick, which failed.

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